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Facts About Tia Carrere - Death Hoax Revealed and Bankruptcy Scandal

Published Wed Aug 25 2021 By Aashika
Facts About Tia Carrere - Death Hoax Revealed and Bankruptcy Scandal

Tia Carrere is one of the prominent American actresses who have appeared in numerous movies and series. She is known for portraying the role of Queen Tyr’ahnee in “Duck Dodgers”. 

On 2nd January 1967, she was born to her parents in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States. Her real name is Althea Rae Duhinio Janeiro. She is the daughter of Audrey Lee Janairo and Alexandra Janeiro. Her parents are a computer supervisor and a banker respectively.

Let’s know more information about her. 

Net Worth 

Tia Carrere has an estimated net worth of $5 million which she earned through her career as an actress and singer. In 1985, she debut in the television industry with the show "Cover Up". 

Then the actress got immense fame and got a chance to appeared in numerous series and films. Her performance can be seen in "Wayne's World", "True Lies", "Relic Hunter", "Back in the Day", "Behind Palm Swings", "Gunshot Straight", "Dogboys", and many more.

Not only in an acting career, but the actress also made a career in the music industry. In 1993, released her first debut solo album "Dream". Later, released albums like "He Nani", "Huana Ke Aloha", "Hawaiian", and so on. For her albums, she has won "Grammy Award" two times. 

Tia Carrere's fantasy film "Kull The Conqueror" in the character Akivasha. 
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Upcoming Projects

Carrere will be appearing in the upcoming projects "Felo de Se" and "Easter Sunday". Her role in "Felo de Se" is of Kristy whereas her second film's character name has not been revealed. Surely, she will entertain her audience like her previous works and win millions of people's hearts. 

Luxurious House

The millionaire actress Tia Carrere has been enjoying the lavish lifestyle. She has been living in a mansion in Los Angeles. Before it, her residence was in Topanga Canyon. It is a 3.567 square-foot which is consists of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and so on. The house was purchased in 2005 for $1.625 million which is listed at $2. 59 million. 

Tia Carrere's house, which is located in Topanga Canyon.
Image Source: Los Angeles Times 

Charity Works

She has engaged in numerous charitable organizations. She is a supporter of "Global Green Plan", "The Dreamtable Charitable Foundation", and "Wyland Foundation". She looks after the disabled and disadvantaged, Children's Rights, Education, Peace, and Human Rights.  

Married Life and Divorce

Tia Carrere is married twice in her life. First, she walked down into the aisle with Elie Samaha in 1992. Her former husband is a film producer who has produced films like "Driven" "Boondock Saints", "Battlefield Earth", and so on. The ex-pair got a divorce in February 2000 after having 8 years of married life. They do not share any child.

After two years of separation, "Little Sister" actress moved on in her life with a photojournalist, Simon Wakelin. The duo exchanged the vows on 22nd November 2002. They were happy with their married life and had a daughter. Unfortunately, the two filed for the legal split on 2nd April  2010. The court approved it in August 2010, since then they have parted ways. 

Tia Carrere with her second spouse, Simon Wakelin. 
Image Source: Photo Foco

Mother of One 

Carrere is the mother of one daughter with her second husband. In 2005, she gave birth to her only child Bianca Wakelin. After her parent's divorce, her custody of her is given joint by the court. Her daughter is attending school and focusing on her education. Tia is often spotted at the event and red carpet with her daughter. 

Tia Carrere with her daughter Bianca Wakelin.
Image Source: Getty Image

Death Hoax

On 9th July 2019, the death news of Tia Carrere went viral on social media. The unknown person created a page "R.I.P. Tia Carrere" after that many people sent their condolences. After the next day, she held a media conference and announced that she is healthy and living a happy life. 


Being a celebrity, it is normal to be part of the controversy. The same thing has to face by an actress. In 1999, there was a rumor about an affair between Carrere and Tie Domi, who is a former NHL player. And the reason behind their first marriage failure was their affair. Though, the two never confirm in front of the media and public. 

Likewise, once she became the headline of news when the actress filed a lawsuit for bankruptcy. In the end, she lost the case and had to fulfill the contract. 

How She Formed Her Name "Tia Carrere"?

As we know, her birth name is Althea Rae Duhinio Janeiro, but she is famous for "Tia Carrere".  She has kept her first name by using her sister's nickname whereas her last name "Carrere" is for a tribute to a recognized actress and model, Barbara Carrera. 

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