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The Story of Miah Harbaugh: Jim Harbaugh's Former Wife Revealed

Published Tue May 23 2023 By Logan
The Story of Miah Harbaugh: Jim Harbaugh's Former Wife Revealed

In the world of football, where coaches and players often steal the spotlight, there are those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, providing unwavering support. Miah Harbaugh, the ex-wife of Jim Harbaugh, the renowned head coach of the Michigan Wolverines and former NFL quarterback, is one such individual. 

While Miah's name may not be as widely recognized, she played a significant role in Jim's early success and contributed to the growth of their family. Let's dive into the intriguing life of Miah Harbaugh and explore her journey as a dedicated wife, loving mother, and pillar of strength.

A Quick Look At Miah and Jim Harbaugh's Married Life

The former couple Miah Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh's love story began in the early 1990s when they crossed paths in Orlando, Florida. Miah is a young and vibrant woman, who was working as a waitress at the time.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Jim is already making a name for himself as a talented NFL quarterback. Their connection was undeniable, and in 1996, they took their vows and embarked on a journey of love and partnership.

Photo of Miah Harbaugh and her ex-husband, Jim Harbaugh. Source: buzznigeria

Throughout their 10-year marriage, Miah remained a pillar of support for Jim as he pursued his football career. She stood by his side, attending his games both at home and on the road, and played an integral role in his early success. 

Despite Jim's demanding schedule and the challenges that came with his football commitments, Miah's unwavering support and understanding helped encourage their close-knit relationship and family life.

What Was The Reason Behind Miah and Jim Harbaugh's Divorce?

Miah Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh divorced after ten years of marriage in 2006. The reason for their divorce was not publicly disclosed, but Miah mentioned in an interview that Jim's busy schedule may have played a role. 

Following the divorce, Miah obtained custody of their children and the majority of Jim's property. She chose to live with their children in Coronado, California. In 2008, Jim Harbaugh remarried Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, and they have four children together. 

Has Miah Harbaugh Remarried? 

Well, the answer to that question is no. Following her divorce from Jim Harbaugh in 2006 after ten years of marriage, her current relationship status is single. 

Miah Harbaugh's ex-husband, Jim Harbaugh, and her kid, James Harbaugh. Source: buzznigeria

Miah prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye, choosing to focus on her role as a dedicated mother and leading a peaceful life away from the limelight.

Early Life & Education Details 

Miah Lee Burke, born on August 25, 1966, in New Jersey, USA, was destined for a life marked by resilience and unwavering support. While details about her childhood remain limited, it is known that she later moved to Orlando, seeking new opportunities and a fresh start.

Miah recognized the importance of education and pursued her studies at the prestigious University of Michigan, where she graduated with a degree in Paralegal Studies. Her academic achievements showcased her determination and commitment to personal growth.

Miah & Jim Have Three Kids 

From their union, Miah and Jim welcomed three beautiful children into the world, each carving their unique path in life. Jay, the eldest, has followed in his father's footsteps and has become a running backs coach at the University of Michigan, showcasing his passion for the sport and dedication to coaching.

James Jr., the middle child, has embraced his individuality and artistic pursuits. As an openly gay individual, he has fearlessly pursued a career in the arts, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing from Michigan. His creative talents and commitment to self-expression have undoubtedly made his parents proud.

Miah's Youngest Daughter Grace Loves Water Polo

Grace, the youngest daughter of Miah, has shown her skill in the world of water polo. As a student-athlete at the University of Michigan, she has honed her skills and made a name for herself in the sport. Her dedication and hard work have not only brought her success but have also brought joy to her parent's hearts.

Photo of Miah Harbaugh's daughter, Grace Harbaugh.
Photo of Miah Harbaugh's daughter, Grace Harbaugh. Source: Twitter

While Miah and Jim's marriage may have come to an end in 2006, their children continue to be a testament to the love and bond they once shared. Although the ex-partner's journey as a couple took a different turn, they have remained supportive co-parents, ensuring their children's happiness and success.

Physical Appearance: Height & Weight Of Jim Harbaugh's Ex-Wife

Miah, with her striking beauty and unassuming demeanor, radiates grace amid the football world's fervor. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170cm), like Poppy Sophia Ridley, and weighing 60kg, Miah possesses an enchanting presence. 

Miah's blonde hair and captivating black eyes add to her allure, capturing the attention of those around her. Her physical attributes, coupled with her serene disposition, make her a grounding force amidst the whirlwind of the football realm.

What Is The Net Worth Of Miah Harbaugh?

While Jim Harbaugh's net worth stands at an impressive $15 million, it is equally noteworthy to recognize Miah Harbaugh's financial achievements. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Miah's wealth is a testament to her unwavering dedication and support throughout Jim's illustrious career.

Jim's prosperous journey as a football coach has contributed significantly to his impressive net worth. His lucrative $40 million contract with the University of Michigan showcases the recognition and value placed upon his coaching prowess. As a prominent figure in the football world, Jim has garnered success and financial rewards through his exceptional coaching abilities, strategic insights, and leadership skills. 

It is important to distinguish Miah's net worth from Jim's substantial wealth, as it highlights her accomplishments and financial independence. While sharing a life with a renowned coach like Jim Harbaugh, Miah has demonstrated her strengths and resilience, making her mark as a supportive and grounded partner.

Miah Prefers To Have A Private Life

While specific details about Miah's professional endeavors remain unknown, it is evident that she devoted her time and energy to supporting Jim's career and raising their three children. Her commitment to her family and her ability to navigate the challenges of being married to a football coach is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Not only that but also Miah chooses to maintain a low profile and does not have an active presence on social media platforms. Her privacy preference allows her to focus on her personal life and maintain a sense of tranquility away from the public eye.

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