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The Intriguing Journey of Chimene Diaz, Sister to Cameron Diaz

Published Wed Jan 17 2024 By Marie
The Intriguing Journey of Chimene Diaz, Sister to Cameron Diaz

Chimene Diaz, the elder sister of actress Cameron Diaz, spent her childhood in Long Beach, California, raised in a working-class family that embraced its Cuban heritage. Currently. She works as a certified group fitness instructor and realtor, 

Also, she is co-managing the Buchanan and Diaz group alongside her partner, Rhonda Buchanan. With her diverse professional pursuits, Chimene has developed a good financial background.

Chimene Diaz Wiki/Bio

Chimene Diaz was born on June 5, 1970, in San Diego, California, USA, making her 53 years old according to her birth date. As a proud American, she holds the birth sign of Gemini and is of mixed ethnicity.

Cameron Diaz and Chimene Diaz at GQ's 3rd Annual "Men Of The Year" Awards in 1998.
Source: People


Chimene's parents are Emilio Luis Diaz, who worked as a foreman for the Unocal oil business in California, and Billie Joann Early, a professional import/export agent. 

She has two siblings, namely Cameron Diaz and Michael Diaz. Chimene's educational journey includes attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School, but there is no additional information available about her further academic pursuits on the internet.

How Rich is Chimene Diaz?

As of 2022, Chimene Diaz's net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. In contrast, her sister Cameron Diaz, renowned for her successful acting career, boasts a substantial net worth estimated at around $140 million

Cameron Diaz, a model and actress hailing from California, gained initial fame in 1994 with her role in "The Mask." Since then, she has consistently held an A-list status, featuring in numerous films and accumulating substantial earnings, primarily from acting salaries. Cameron's prolific career has contributed to total box office ticket sales surpassing $7 billion, securing her position as the fifth highest-grossing U.S. actress.

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Chimene Diaz Career Highlights 

While Chimene Diaz has not publicly disclosed her profession, certain online sources suggest that she assists her husband by working as a booking agent. Given her private nature, specific details about her professional life remain undisclosed.

Cameron Diaz and Chimene Diaz.
Source: People

Notably recognized as the twin sister of Cameron Diaz, Chimene has chosen to keep aspects of her life out of the public eye, making it challenging to ascertain her professional endeavors with certainty.

Chimene Diaz’s Relationships 

Chimene Diaz is married to Robby Armstrong, and the couple has a child named Chole Armstrong. Currently, there is no information about any separation, and their relationship appears to be growing stronger day by day. 

As of now, Chimene is not involved in any controversies, and no rumors circulating about her personal life. She seems to maintain a low profile, focusing on her family and avoiding any unnecessary public attention.

Chimene Diaz is a Mother of Four 

In her Instagram bio, Chimene describes herself as a "Crazy mother of 4." She is a proud parent to three daughters named Emmi, Channing, and Chloe, along with a son named Emilio. The family extends beyond humans to include a cat named Pirate, a dog named Luna, and a turtle named Joe.

Chimene openly shares moments from her family life on social media, frequently showcasing her kids online. For example, she posts pictures of Channing engaging in volleyball activities. Additionally, in 2018, when her son Emilio joined the Navy, Chimene expressed her pride in a heartfelt post, emphasizing the strong family bond that she shares with her children.

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Cameron is a Loving Aunt to Chimene’s Kids

In 2004, a friend of Cameron Diaz shared with PEOPLE that the actress is a "wonderful aunt." The star of "There’s Something About Mary" discussed her perspective on family in a 2009 interview with Parade, mentioning that having three nieces and a nephew gave her a general sense of what it's like to have kids.

Cameron Diaz and family at the ceremony honoring her with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009.
Source: People

Cameron expressed that she understood both sides of the choice to have or not have children, stating, “I get the whole picture. I don’t think it’s a compromise to have children. I don’t think it’s a compromise not to. I think it’s just a different choice.” Despite this viewpoint, Cameron later embraced motherhood, welcoming her daughter Raddix in December 2019.

Chimene Diaz’s Sister, Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California, is an accomplished American actress. Her film career, which began with "The Mask" in 1994, includes notable roles in comedies and romances, solidifying her as a bankable star and a sex symbol. By 2018, her films had grossed over $3 billion in the U.S., making her the fifth-highest-grossing actress domestically.

Diaz's career spans a range of genres, from the iconic "There's Something About Mary" to dramatic roles in films like "Being John Malkovich" (1999) and "Gangs of New York" (2002). She also achieved success with the "Charlie's Angels" series, the "Shrek" franchise, and films like "The Holiday" (2006) and "Bad Teacher" (2011).

Chimene Diaz’s Sister, Cameron Diaz.
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Beyond acting, Diaz is known for her writing, with two health books, "The Body Book" (2013) and "The Longevity Book" (2016), both achieving New York Times bestseller status. In 2015, she married musician Benji Madden, and in 2019, they welcomed their daughter via surrogate. Diaz, recognized for her environmental activism, has been involved in various causes, including climate change awareness and support for military families. After taking a break from acting, she returned to the profession in 2022.

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