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The Iconic Presence of Cyrinda Foxe: A Glimpse into Her Pioneering Career in Film and Fashion

Published Sun Jan 14 2024 By Marie
The Iconic Presence of Cyrinda Foxe: A Glimpse into Her Pioneering Career in Film and Fashion

Cyrinda Foxe was a multifaceted personality known for her roles as an American actress, model, and publicist. She gained recognition for her performance in Andy Warhol's film "Bad" in 1977. Beyond her professional achievements, Foxe was notable for her romantic relationships with prominent figures in the music industry.

Despite her untimely passing, Cyrinda Foxe is remembered for her contributions to the entertainment industry and her connections to influential figures in the music scene. Let’s learn more about Cyrinda Foxe.

Cyrinda Foxe Wiki/Bio 

Cyrinda Foxe, originally named Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian, was born the world on February 22, 1952, in Santa Monica, California, USA. Each year on the 22nd of February, she marked her birthday, aligning with her zodiac sign, Pisces. Her life journey concluded at the age of 50.

Cyrinda Foxe, an American actress, model, and publicist
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In terms of her cultural background, Foxe belonged to the Armenian ethnicity and proudly held American nationality. Additionally, she embraced Christianity as her religion, demonstrating a deep-rooted faith in Christ throughout her life.

Cyrinda Foxe's Net Worth

Cyrinda Foxe left behind a net worth estimated at $1.5 million before her passing. In her career as an actor during the 1990s, she earned an average income of $528. The legacy of her financial success includes various luxuries that have now been inherited by her daughter, Mia Tyler.

Cyrinda Foxe's father served in the military. During her youth, she had the opportunity to work as an assistant to the legendary actress Greta Garbo, adding a unique and enriching experience to her personal and professional journey.

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Cyrinda Foxe’s Career 

As a teenager, Cyrinda Foxe took a bold step by leaving her home and relocating to New York City, where she found employment at the nightclub Max’s Kansas City. Her journey took a significant turn when she was discovered by producers and directors, leading to her debut as the lead actor in Andy Warhol’s film ‘Bad’ in 1977. Subsequently, she became associated with the American rock band Rolling Stone and collaborated with ‘The New York Dolls.’

In the following year, Foxe entered into matrimony with David Johansen, the frontman of the New York Dolls. This connection provided her with opportunities to become a team member in the realm of management. Expanding her horizons, Foxe authored the book “Dream On” and initiated her website in the year 2000.

Cyrinda Foxe’s Relationships

Cyrinda Foxe experienced three marriages during her lifetime, and in the 1970s, she engaged in a significant relationship with David Bowie. Their connection began at the renowned nightclub Max’s Kansas City, where Foxe worked. It was during this time that she and Bowie initiated their romance, resulting in Foxe becoming pregnant with Bowie's child. However, she chose to undergo an abortion.

Cyrinda Foxe with her husband Steven Tyler and Daughter Mia Tyler
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Her first official marriage was to David Johansen, the frontman for the New York Dolls, in 1973. Despite this commitment, Foxe formed a close bond with Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, through her association with David. This extramarital affair eventually led to the dissolution of her marriage to Johansen after four years in 1977.

Following the separation, Cyrinda Foxe married Steven Tyler on September 1, 1978, and welcomed their daughter, Mia Tyler, into the world on December 22, 1978. Mia Tyler has since grown to become an accomplished American actress.

Why Did Cyrinda and Steven Separated? 

Cyrinda Foxe's transition from David Johansen to Steven Tyler initially brought about a period of contentment for the couple. However, this idyllic phase was short-lived, as their marriage soon became marred by issues such as drug addiction, extramarital affairs, and domestic abuse. The tumultuous nature of their relationship led to a separation shortly before Aerosmith's resurgence in the 1980s, and the couple finalized their divorce agreement in November 1987.

Foxe chronicled her experiences in a tell-all memoir titled "Dream On," but the book sparked disputes and controversies. Allegedly, the paperback edition included a nude photograph of Steven Tyler, leading to negative reactions from Aerosmith fans. In response, Steven Tyler's ex-wife filed a lawsuit against Foxe, further complicating the aftermath of their tumultuous marriage.

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What is Cyrinda Foxe's Cause of Death?

Following her divorce from Steven Tyler, Cyrinda Foxe found companionship with Keith Waa, whom she married on August 28, 2002. Keith Waa remained by her side until her final moments. Unfortunately, Foxe's health took a significant hit when she discovered a brain tumor in 2001, resulting in partial incapacitation. She ultimately succumbed to brain cancer on September 7, 2002, at the age of 51.

Steven Tyler Posted a Happy Birthday Post remembering Cyrinda.
Source: Instagram

In remembrance of Cyrinda, her ex-husband Steven Tyler posted her portrait on Instagram, commemorating what would have been her 66th birthday. He affectionately referred to her as "Jean Genie" and reminisced about the beautiful moments they shared. Additionally, when Foxe experienced her first stroke in 2001, Tyler covered her hospital expenses and even sold one of his Aerosmith guitars for $5000 to support her. After Cyrinda's passing, Steven Tyler also financially contributed to the funeral costs at Gramercy Park Hotel.

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