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The Gold Standard of Success: Tony Beets Net Worth Breakdown

Published Sat Jan 20 2024 By Marie
The Gold Standard of Success: Tony Beets Net Worth Breakdown

Tony Beets, a charismatic Dutchman, oversees one of the most significant gold mining enterprises in the Klondike. Originating from a farm in Wijdenes, the Netherlands, he made his way to Dawson City in 1984. 

Engaged in the family business are Tony's wife, Minnie, along with their children Monica, Kevin, and Michael. Notably, Tony Beets is the proprietor of the Tamarack mine, situated in Osceola Township, Houghton County, just north of Calumet, Michigan.

Tony Beets’s Net Worth 

Tony Beets, a Canadian miner and reality TV personality originally from the Netherlands, boasts a net worth of $15 million. Renowned for his role on the Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" series, Beets has contributed to the show's high ratings with his larger-than-life persona. The program showcases the intense daily activities at an active gold mine and has become one of the channel's most popular series. 

Tony Beets, a charismatic Dutchman who oversees gold mining enterprises in the Klondike.
Source: Facebook

Described as a "maverick mining legend" on the official "Gold Rush" website, Tony Beets is known for running one of the most significant operations in the Klondike. His colorful language, often requiring bleeping on the show, has earned him the nickname "Tony Peep" in his hometown.

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Tony Beets Career Highlights 

Born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes, Netherlands, Tony Beets initially worked on his family's farm, earning a living by milking cows. Seeking better career opportunities, he later moved to Canada. After three years in the construction business, Beets ventured into mining in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, in 1984. 

Currently, he oversees the Tamarack Mine and is recognized for hiring local teenagers. While not everyone can handle the demanding job, those who prove capable become integral members of both the team and the Beets family.

Tony Beets smiling for a picture. 
Source: Facebook

Tony Beets first appeared on "Gold Rush" during its second season, offering advice to cast member Todd Hoffman on drilling test holes. Beyond the main series, he has featured in spin-offs such as "Gold Rush: South America" (2013), "Gold Rush: Pay Dirt" (2017), "Gold Rush: White Water" (2018), and "Gold Rush: The Dirt" (2013–2020). 

Additionally, he participated in the 2013 documentary miniseries "Gold Fever." At the time of writing, Beets has been part of over 160 episodes of "Gold Rush." In season five, he made a notable purchase by acquiring the Viking Dredge in Clear Creek for $1 million.

Tony Beet’s Mining Income 

Tony Beets is the proprietor of the Tamarack mine, a copper mine situated in Osceola Township, Houghton County, north of Calumet, Michigan. In addition to this significant holding, Beets possesses 18 other land holdings spanning across the United States and Canada. 

The collective output from his various mines contributes substantially to an annual profit of $4.1 million, serving as a key factor in bolstering Tony Beets' overall net worth.

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Tony Beet’s Real Estate Investments 

Tony Beets, renowned as the star of Discovery's Gold Rush, has built a substantial real estate empire valued at around $10 million across Canada and the United States. His diverse holdings encompass various properties, including residences, land, and mines.

Tony Beets in his mining uniform and hat.
Source: IMDb

One notable property in his portfolio is a 2,500-square-foot home situated on the Yukon River's banks, with an estimated value of around $1 million. Additionally, Beets is the owner of the Scribner Creek Mining Claim, spanning 1,000 acres and valued at approximately $2 million. This claim further contributes to the overall wealth of his impressive real estate holdings.

Tony Beets’s Wife, Minnie Beets 

Minnie Beets, a vital member of the Beets family, manages the accounts for the family business located at Paradise Hill. In addition to her role in the business, Minnie serves as the spokesperson and model for Gorilla Cookies. She is married to Tony Beets, and together they have two daughters, Bianca Beets and Monica Beets, as well as two sons, Kevin Beets and Mike Beets.

Minnie and Tony's love story dates back to their childhood in Holland. They first met when Tony was 7 and Minnie was 6, as their families lived next door to each other on farms in Burgwerd, Friesland. 

They began dating in 1978, and 18 months into their relationship, Tony decided to move to Canada. To accompany him, they chose to get married, with Minnie at 23 and Tony at 24. Celebrating 25 years of marriage as of season 5, the couple has established a winter home in Maricopa, Arizona, over the last 6 years, making them Canadian Snowbirds as of season 6.

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