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The Financial Side of Candace Owens: Unraveling Her Net Worth and Investments

Published Wed Jan 31 2024 By Marie
The Financial Side of Candace Owens: Unraveling Her Net Worth and Investments

Candace Owens, an American conservative political commentator, author, and activist, has gained recognition for her role as a Daily Wire host and as the founder of the Blexit movement, advocating for black voters to disassociate from the Democratic Party. 

Owens, previously the communications director for Turning Point USA, is a notable figure in both political and cultural spheres. Known for her outspoken views on politics, culture, and social issues, she has been involved in public disputes and controversies. Let’s learn more about her life.

Candace Owens’s Net Worth 

Candace Owens, an American conservative commentator and political activist, boasts a net worth of $5 million. Her prominence is largely attributed to hosting "Candace," a show available as both a podcast and video series on The Daily Wire.

Candace Owens on her talk show "CandaceOwensShow".
Source: Instagram

Initially leaning liberal, Owens shifted towards conservatism around 2016 and transitioned from early skepticism of Donald Trump to becoming an outspoken supporter. Notably, she has gained attention, and in some circles, criticism, for promoting information that some deem as misinformation or conspiracy theories.

Candace Owens’s Career Highlights 

Having left college, Owens secured an internship with Vogue magazine in New York City. Subsequently, she found employment as an administrative assistant at a Manhattan-based private equity firm. Over time, Owens ascended to the position of Vice President of Administration within the same firm.

Liberal to Conservative

In 2015, Owens established her online presence by assuming the role of CEO at the marketing agency Degree180. During this period, she authored numerous blog pieces on the company website criticizing conservative Republican figures. In 2016, Owens sought to launch another website,, to expose online bullies by tracking their internet activity. However, the proposed site faced significant controversy due to potential privacy violations. 

Candace Owens with her husband on their wedding day.
Source: Instagram

Owens became a target of online backlash, with users posting some of her private details in response. Despite lacking concrete evidence of the perpetrators, Owens attributed the doxing attack to progressives associated with the Gamergate scandal. This stance garnered support from several prominent conservative figures who opposed Gamergate. Following this incident, Owens publicly declared her conversion to conservatism, stating that it happened "overnight."

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Conservative Activity

Despite previously criticizing Donald Trump and his views, Owens underwent a shift in her stance by the end of 2017, advocating for him. She initiated the website and YouTube channel Red Pill Black, dedicated to promoting "Black conservatism," and assumed the role of communications director at the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA. Owens officially registered as a Republican in 2018 and made appearances on various conspiracy websites.

In 2021, Owens joined the conservative website and media company, the Daily Wire, where she commenced hosting her political talk show podcast titled "Candace." Expressing political ambitions, Owens initially mentioned interest in running for office as either a governor or U.S. senator, under the condition of facing an incumbent Democrat. Subsequently, she entertained the idea of a presidential run in 2024.

Political Views

Despite identifying as liberal as recently as 2015, Owens transformed, describing herself as a conservative and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump by 2017. Over time, she has become associated with far-right conservatism. Owens is notably critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and gained attention for wearing clothing with the slogan "White Lives Matter" alongside Kanye West at an event in November 2022.

Candace Owens roaming around Dallas.
Source: Instagram

Her conservative views include opposition to abortion, feminism, transgender rights, welfare programs, and immigration. Owens denies the reality of climate change and has promoted the unfounded claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. In the summer of 2020, she asserted that George Soros paid people to protest George Floyd's murder. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Owens made controversial claims, suggesting that Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) were using "tribal children" for vaccine experiments.

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Candace Owens’s Personal Life

Candace Amber Owens, born on April 29, 1989, in Stamford, Connecticut, is the third of four children. Raised by her grandparents after her parent's divorce when she was around 11, Owens faced racist death threats as a teen at Stamford High School, leading her family to sue the Stamford Board of Education. The lawsuit resulted in a settlement of over $37,000. 

Owens attended the University of Rhode Island as a journalism major but dropped out in her junior year due to a student loan issue. In 2019, Owens married George Farmer, the former chair of Turning Point UK, and they had a son in early 2021, followed by a daughter in July 2022. 

Candace Owens announcing her pregnancy in 2022.
Source: Instagram

In July 2023, they announced their third child, another son. George Farmer serves as the CEO of the conservative social media app Parler. Candace Owens released her book, "Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation," in 2020. In 2022, she released the documentary, "The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM."

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