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Get to Know Terricka Cromartie - Facts and Pictures of Antonio Cromartie's Wife and Baby Mama

Published Mon Dec 21 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Terricka Cromartie - Facts and Pictures of Antonio Cromartie's Wife and Baby Mama

Terricka Cromartie is a television actress who has appeared on the television show, 'The Cromarties'. She is widely known as the wife of Antonio Cromartie, a former football cornerback.

She was born as Terricka Lynne Cason on 7th November 1981, in East St. Louis, City in Illinois, United States. Before her marriage, she was a television star and was enjoying a lavish lifestyle. 

Here are some details about Cromartie that people should know of her.  

Net Worth: $1 Million 

The American actress, Cromartie has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned through her acting career. In 2006, her first debut was made from the TV series, 'Wild 'N Out'. 

After three years, in 2009, she was featured in 'Candy Girls' with co-stars Dannile Crawley, Brooke Bailey, and many others. 

From there, the actress became popular and appeared in a documentary, 'The Cromartie' along with husband and children. In 2017, she starred in a show, 'Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show' which was her last television appearance. 

The family show 'The Cromarties' along with husband and children.
Image Source: Pinterest

Married Life With Antonio Cromartie

The television personality Terricka tied the knot with NFL player, Antonio Cromartie on July 2, 2010, after dating for several years. The couple met each other in the 2000s and had a romantic relationship. Now, they have six children together and are happily living a love life since 2010. 

Terricka Cromartie attending events with her husband Antonio Cromartie.
Image Source: NY Daily News

Mother of Six Childen

She is the mother of six children from her spouse. When Terricka was 21 years, she gave birth to her first daughter, Jordynn Trinity Cromartie. The 16 years daughter is a level-10 gymnast. Her second baby is Jurzie Cromartie, born in April 2010, and welcome the third child, Jagger Beau Cromartie, in 2012. 

After having altogether many children, Mr. Cromartie decided to undergo a vasectomy which seems it didn't work. Later, in 2016, the twin baby came into this world on May 8, 2016, whose named Jynx Ravell-Antonio and J'adore Nayvi Cromartie. In 2017, the child Jhett Paxton was born who is the last child. 

Sic Children: Jordynn Trinity Cromartie, Jurzie Cromartie, Jagger Beau Cromartie, Jynx Ravell-Antonio, J'adore Nayvi Cromartie, and Jhett Paxton with their father.
Image Souce: Instagram 

Eight Step-Children

Terricka Cromartie has eight step-children, Antonio Cromartic Jr., Deyjah, Tyler Jae, Julian, London, Leilani, Alonzo, and Alonzo Cromartie. They all are from Antonia Cromartie's previous relationship. With her step-children, she has maintained a good bonding. 

Fake Suicide Attempt

In 2012, the most controversy surrounded when Cason attempts fake suicide just to get the attention of her husband. When Mr. Cromartie was in Maimi, she texted him, "God forgive me, I don't want to die. What have I done?" and also has taken pills and cut her wrists. 

In a hurry, the quarterback player called the police in Randolph Township, New Jersey to look after her wife's possible suicide attempt. When the police reached there, they didn't find her bleeding at all. 

After all this stuff, the court orders her to have a psychiatric evaluation but she refused. The case was solved later and now she is staying with six children.

Husband's Multiple Relationship

As we all know Antonio Cromartie has been always in the headlines due to his multiple relationships. The information of women has not been revealed but among them, Ryan Ross is also one. They met at the night club and had six months of a relationship. From their love life, they share a son Tyler Jae. 

Multiple Tattoos on Her Body

Terricka Canson has done tattoos on her back, arms, wrist, and abdomen. She usually posts the picture on Instagram, where we can see it.

Tattoos on her abdomen and arms.
Image Source: Instagram

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