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Meet Teresa Barrick - Fashion Designer and Steven Tyler's Former Spouse

Published Mon Jan 13 2020 By Akki
Meet Teresa Barrick - Fashion Designer and Steven Tyler's Former Spouse

The American native, Teresa Barrick is a professional fashion designer. She is very famous as the ex-wife of Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler. She was born on March 21, 1960, in the United States of America. 

Here are lesser-known facts about Barrick;

What's her Net Worth? 

Barrick has a huge net worth of $1 million and her main source of income is her profession as a clothing designer. She earns a good amount of money from the sale of the clothes designed by herself. Her skill and experience as a designer have helped her to accumulated wealthy fortune.

Moreover, Barrick fortune includes a chunk of money, she received as alimony for the divorce settlement from her ex-husband Steven Tyler's $130 million bank balance.

Ex-husband - Steven Tyler

The beautiful Teresa Barrick was the second wife of the Legendary singer-songwriter, Steven Tyler. The duo was previously married and had children together. The ex-couple met in 1982 in Tyler's recording studio. The lovebirds dated for several years before they had a serious decision of marriage.

Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler posing for a photo.
Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler taking a photo.
Image Source; Pinterest

Teresa and Steven's wedding ceremony was conducted in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 28th of May, 1988. The pair enjoyed matrimony for 17 years before things started to be complicated. The duo split in February 2005 because of personal problems and their divorce was finalized in January 2006.

Two Children - A Son and A Daughter

Talking about the duo relationship; they have two children together; a boy Taj Monroe Tallarico and a girl Chelsea Tyler. 

Chelsea is the first child of the ex-couple, born on March 6, 1989, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She is a singer, who is married to Jon Foster, a musician from KANEHOLLER.

Steven Tyler taking picture with his children.
Steven Tyler and his children posing for a photo.
Image Source: Jenn Bress

Taj is the second child of the pair, born on January 31, 1991, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is an actor, who has appeared in comedy TV series; Lizzie McGuire.

Reason Behind Separation 

Following the divorce, the media broke out the news of the parting ways. As the media report, Barrick was unfaithful in the relationship, having an extramarital affair with the family contractor. The man was employed to revamp their Boston home.

Single Life 

Tracking down the personal information about Teresa, she is enjoying the single life. After the separation with ex-husband, she is neither not engaged to anyone. 

A picture of Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler.
 Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler came together for a photo.
Image Source: Pinterest

Sibling - Lisa Barrick

Teresa has a twin sister Lisa Barrick. The siblings have a great bond and support one another in the time of need.

Death Rumor 

Looking forwards to her sudden disappearance after divorce has put her into several controversies. Once there was fake news of her death was spread all over. Following the details of the rumor, she slipped off the ladar and had a minor injury, which news was taken seriously by the people and assumed her death by an accident. 

Social Media Presence 

The mother of two, Teresa Barrick isn't interested in any social networking sites. More or less, she prefers to spend her precious time with her family.

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