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Get to Know Ted Nikolis - FOX's Lauren Green's Husband | Facts and Photos

Published Sun Jan 16 2022 By Kri
Get to Know Ted Nikolis - FOX's Lauren Green's Husband | Facts and Photos

Ted Nikolis is better known as the husband of Lauren Green, Fox News Chief Religion Correspondent. Ted is an attorney of the company Merle, Brown, and Nakamura PC in New York.

The main reason behind Ted coming to the limelight was all through his wife Lauren, before that he was just an attorney working and living a normal life without any involvement of media. 


Degree in AnthropologyUniversity of Pennsylvania
Master of Art in Archelogy New York University
Juris Doctor degree New York University of Law
Master of Business Administration School of Business NYU stern

Net Worth

As an attorney, the estimated salary Ted Nikolis ranges from $100,000 -$150,000. His net worth is currently unknown and is only limited to assumptions. However his wife, Green has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Relationship With Lauren Green

Lauren Green and Ted Nikolis were not so young when they fell for each other. Their love journey started when they meet each other at New York Fashion Week. Since their first meet, they loved each other's company and were in contact since then. 

Ted Nikolis with his wife Lauren Green

Gradually the couple started hanging out, going on dates, and spending most of the time with each other. The exact date of their dating is not disclosed. Lauren and Ted at that time kept their life private and wanted to keep their relationship away from the media. 

Married With Lauren Green

Ted Nikolis and Lauren Green on their wedding day

Nikolis and Green after some time of dating decided to exchange vows and get married to each other. They got married in the presence of their family and relatives. The wedding was not too huge and was limited to only close friends and family circle. 

Mosquito Bites At Wedding Day

After their wedding, the couple held a small party where they celebrated Happily Ever After. The party was supposed to be held outdoors. 

They went on and celebrated it outdoors, but the presence of too many mosquitoes made it very hard. The guests were getting bit by mosquitoes due to which the party had to shift indoors. 

May Adopt A Child

Lauren and Ted got married at a very old age, due to which bearing a child is not easy, rather impossible. For now, they both are busy living and making livings for themselves, but in near future, the couple seems to have plans for adopting children. 

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