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All You Need To Know About Taylor Swift Perfume – Products, review and Price

Published Sat Sep 28 2019 By DGM
All You Need To Know About Taylor Swift Perfume – Products, review and Price

The famous American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, has five types of perfume designed under her production 'Taylor Swift'. All of them are designed for women specifically and created by teaming up with top perfumers.

Taylor's perfumes have a really good hype among people because of her fame and success in the music industry. But how good are the products designed by the actress? Lets find out everything about the perfumes:

Types of Perfumes

The 29 years old musician has a total of five perfumes manufactured under her production company. Here are the perfumes designed and manufactured by her:


It is the first perfume that the 'Shake It Off' artist debuted to her production. It was launched in 2011 and was created by cooperating with a renown perfumer Olivier Gillotin of the famous cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden.

A picture of Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift.
Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift.
Image Source: Fragrance Net

The perfume is named after the lyrics of Taylor's song 'Enchanted' which reads 'I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home'. The perfume is designed to become important part of meeting someone for the first time and making impressions on them.

Natural ingredients such as raspberry, apple blossom, freesia, dewberry, and green tea are present on the top notes of the perfume along with white hibiscus, sweet vanilla, and sun-drenched honeysuckle being featured on the heart of it. Likewise, peach, sandalwood, musk, and amber are also present on the base of the perfume. 

The perfume is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles with a starting price of $61.

Wonderstruck Enchanted

This perfume is the successor of the Wonderstruck perfume which was really hit and adored by people. On the top notes, the perfumes contain passion fruit, wild berries, and pink poppy are present with the base containing hypnotic vanilla, white musk, and blonde woods. 

Not only that, the perfume's heart also has ingredients like pony blossom, white fressia, and sugar-glazed champaka petals.

A picture of Wonderstrcuk Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
Wonderstrcuk Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
Image Source: Perfume NZ

The bottle of the perfume is almost same as before with the bottle color turning into crimson red along with golden detailing from the same blue bottles from the previous one. This as well as the previous perfume were inspired by the fairy tales. It was launched in 2012 as a flanker of the perfume launched one year back at a starting price of $80.


Ingredients like soft woods, apricot nectar, sandalwood, and cashmere musk are found on the base of the 'Taylor' perfume. Moreover, it also contains vanilla orchid, peony, hydrangea in the heart of it with some tangerine and Magnolia  petals and aromas of lychee as the top notes.

A picture of Taylor perfume by Taylor Swift.
Taylor perfume by Taylor Swift.
Image Source: Priceline

Swift specially considers this perfume very close to her because it reflects her own bold and beautiful personally. Available in 50 and 100 ml bottle packs, the perfume is priced at $46 for starting variant. 

Incredible Things

A combination of creamy woods and velvety pets wrapped in a veil of musk and vanilla, the perfume 'Incredible Things' is just another fine launched by Taylor Swift. With mixture of grapefruit and pink pepper showing up in the top notes, the perfume also consists vanilla orchid, suede flower, and wild passion flower's sweet and pleasant tones. It doesn't stop there, the base of the scent also gathers up some of the creamy musk, white amber, vetiver from Haiti and vanilla from Madagascar which makes the perfume a complete package.

A picture of Incredible Things by Taylor Swift.
Incredible Things by Taylor Swift.
Picture Source: Hollywood Life

Launched in the fall of 2014, this perfume is available in opaque and white along with a perfect decoration of Taylor Swift's silhouette. The perfume can be purchased from various online and offline stores for an affordable starting price of $45 and a travel bottle is also available for only $5.

Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight

This perfume is so far the most appreciated and liked perfume from all the collection of the millionaire's perfume set. As it contains wonderful smell coming from fresh green mandarin leaves mixed with apricot and exotic passion fruit at the top notes, people have really adored this one. 

A picture of Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight perfume's pamphlet.
Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight perfume's pamphlet.
Image Source: Taylor Swift Fandom

On the heart, the perfume also features sweet honeysuckle, osmanthus, and orange blossom. The base is home to the composition of peach, musk, and precious wood. The perfume comes in 50 ml and 30 ml bottles which kind of appear as a music box. It can be bought at $41 which is quite affordable and the perfume is surely worth the price.

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews given by the users of the perfumes by Taylor Swift:

  • The smell of the perfume is so amazing and lasts all day long and I'm so glad that Taylor made it happen.
  • This was the first perfume I ever got and is still lasting.
  • Such a great smell and lasts all day long.
  • I've brought the perfume five times and will definitely buy more once stocks are back.
  • The smell is so sweet and long lasting and there isn't any need of improvements. It's already beyond perfection.
  • I definitely recommend this product and would love to see it become easily available in offline markets too.

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