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The Fuss Created By Taylor Swift’s Nude Bodysuit in “Ready For It”

Published Fri Sep 27 2019 By DGM
The Fuss Created By Taylor Swift’s Nude Bodysuit in “Ready For It”

The famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Alison Swift has been creating a lot of buzz in the social media world after she appeared to be naked in her musical video 'Ready For It'.

There have been several speculations and gossips regarding Taylor's body which seemed to be kind of without dress in the music video. But was she really nude? Lets find out:

What the Video Indicates?

In the 2017 launched song, Taylor seemed to have been fully undressed in it. She appears as two characters in the video, one is the sexy and bold character and the other is the cyborg version of herself. 

What seeks the attention the most is that the robotic version of her appears fully naked with some electrical stripes all over its body.

If you've watched the video, there is a high chance you also belong to that group of people who came in thinking that the musician really went nude for it.

 Don't worry, majority of the people fall in this category because it seems so realistic that she indeed was naked for the song.

What People Said About The Nude Appearance of Swift?

After the 29 years old artist dropped the first teaser of the song, people started saying that she didn't care about nudity and wasn't much of a suitable idol for young musicians in the industry. 

Some even say that she didn't stick to her own words and went opposite to it. It is because in an interview, Taylor once said that she doesn't need to be naked like her rivals in the industry to sell her albums. So, it is what people really were pointing out about.

A picture of Taylor Swift in her music video 'Ready For It'.
Taylor Swift in her music video 'Ready For It'.
Image Source: Taylor Swift's Song/ Ready For It

While several were confused, there were some people who really appreciated the appearance of Swift in the video. They said that the real-looking bodysuit was so good and was slaying. Her lovely fans even defended her from the criticisms saying that she wasn't naked in the video and was just wearing a tight skin bodysuit.

Knowing The Truth From The Actress Herself

Now is the time when we end all the controversies and rumors that happened to came with the appearance of the gorgeous singer in her song. Taylor Swift, herself, has sparkled light to all the rumors and allegations that were being created for her in the video. She told that she wasn't naked at all and was just wearing a bodysuit that made her look like she was naked for real.

A picture of Taylor Swift's Instagram story clearing the doubts of her being naked.
Taylor Swift uploaded this behind-the-scene picture on her Instagram story to clarify all the doubts.
Image Source: Instagram@taylorswift

Swift has told her fans and haters that she didn't show up her nude body in the video. Instead, she was wearing a body skin like bodysuit which very much resembled to naked body of a person. For proving the fact, she even posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of her on her social account. 

She concluded that she wasn't naked in the video and it was all the magic of the unique bodysuit she was wearing in her song. Therefore, Swifties, you don't have to keep scratching your head for so long, she was never naked in the video.

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