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Taylor Hing aka Chinese Kitty Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos - Before and After Pictures

Published Mon Jun 17 2019 By DGM
Taylor Hing aka Chinese Kitty Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos - Before and After Pictures

The American reality television star, rapper and an Instagram model, Taylor Hing aka Chinese Kitty has done two plastic surgeries. She has also inked four tattoos on her body with each holding a different meaning.

Taylor has openly admitted about her plastic surgeries and doesn't feel shy talking about them. She says that having the right doctor and taking good care of yourself matters a lot. She thinks not worrying about what other people think is most important in the process.

Chinese Kitty Before and After Plastic Surgery

Chinese Kitty, who has an estimated net worth of $750,000, has transformed a lot, thanks to the cosmetic procedures that she had. Most of her fans know that Kitty had done two plastic surgeries which are Breast Implants and Liposuction.

A before and after picture of Chinese Kitty.
Chinese Kitty before (left) and after (right).

From the above picture, we can easily point out the difference between her breasts. It is an outcome of the breast job that the Instagram model has done. 

Breast Job

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHHM) star has had her breasts done at the age of 19. She boosted her breasts' size because people made fun of her when she had smaller and flat breasts. So, she had to undergo breast implants surgery and enhance them.

Another Love & Hip Hop star Lyrica Anderson has also done breast augmentation surgery but she later removed them after regretting it.


The "On Me" singer also got liposuction after she gained a lot of weight by giving birth to her son, Ashton Hing in 2017. 

Following her pregnancy, she became excessively overweight which made her look much older than other girls of her age. So, she had to opt for the liposuction surgery and had her belly fat extracted from her body. 

Tattoos and Their Meaning

One of the eight children of Chinese Nicky, Kitty has also inked a total of four noticeable tattoos on her body which are as follows:

All of the four tattoos of Chinese Kitty.
Chinese Kitty's all four tattoos.

Foreign Writing on the Left Hand

The Instagram Model has inked the upper part of her land with foreign writing. It is a proverb inked in a foreign language.

Rose on the Back Wrist of Right Hand

Chinese Kitty has a rose tattooed on the back wrist of her right hand. The rose tattoo symbolizes new beginnings, hope, and promise of whoever has it.

Flower on the Front Wrist of Right Hand

Alongside the rose tattoo, the 'Stories of a Ghetto Kitty' rapper has a big flower drawn on the front wrist of her right hand. The flower is a symbol of purity and truth of anyone who holds it.

Writing on the Left Shoulder

There is writing tattooed in a foreign language on the back of the IG model's left shoulder. 

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