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Facts About Tarynn Nago - Ryan Higa's Ex-girlfriend Has Zero Regrets On Dumping Him!

Published Sun Feb 09 2020 By Akki
Facts About Tarynn Nago - Ryan Higa's Ex-girlfriend Has Zero Regrets On Dumping Him!

The American YouTube star, Tarynn Nago is one of the creators of a famous YouTube channel nigahiga, with an excess of 25 million subscribers. 

Born on the 30th of April 1993, in Hilo, Hawaii, United States, she rose to fame as an ex-girlfriend of a YouTuber and comedian, Ryan Higa aka nigahiga. So, here are some lesser-known facts about Tarynn Nago, that will amaze you. So, let's get busy here!

Net Worth 

Tarynn Nago has an impressive $300,000, net worth. She works as a research specialist at Time Warner Cable Media and a spokesmodel for MarketADvantage Inc

A photo of Tarynn Nago.
Tarynn Nago posing for a photo.
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Nago previously worked as an integrated marketing assistant at PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. and script reader at UH News has helped to contribute some wealth to her net worth.


Tarynn Nago is married to a realtor, Larson Oliva. The lovebirds exchanged their vows on 21 October 2012, three years after she cut ties with her YouTuber Ex-boyfriend.

The duo's wedlock has prospered in these 8 years which is clearly visible to their fans as they happily share their moments on their respective social handles.

A picture of Tarynn Nago and Larson Oliva.
Tarynn Nago and her husband Oliva taking a photo together.
Image Source: Tarynn Nago/ Facebook

The duo appears to have a loving relationship and as Tarynn hasn't ever looked back at Higa, we believe that she has zero regret over dumping him.


Prior to her marriage, Nago was in a romantic relationship with Internet personality, Ryan Higa, who has an enormous net worth of $10 million. 

The former video partners-collaborator knew each other since 2004, as both of them contributed in Ryan's YouTube channel nigahiga. The former couple also worked together in a movie Ninja Melk released in 2009 and were YouTube's most talked about couple at times.

However, they stopped dating in 2010 shocking all their followers, this sudden separation was expected to be the result of their competitive video content but the duo never addressed their split in any video or interviews.


Larson Olive's wife, Tarynn has two siblings; a brother Dionn and a sister Marissa. 

Her sister Marissa is married to a U.S. navy David Armandt and have a child together. Unlike her sister, she isn't a celebrity and serves as a director of communications and administration at Seacoast Community Church.


Nago is a well educated Hawaiian. She studied in Waiakea High School of Hilo, Hawaii specializing in medical anesthesia in Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy in 2011.

She is a also University of Hawaii, Manoa, graduate in 2014.  

A picture of Nago.
Tarynn Nago posing for a photo.
Image Source: TOMODACHI Inouye Scholars Program


Apart from her busy schedule, Tarynn likes to get new experience, acknowledging other cultures and traditions. 

She participates as the color thrower and cleaner in The Color Run event series. The events are operated by The Color Run LLC, a for-profit company and inaugurated in January 2012.

Dog Owner

Tarynn Nago and Larson Oliva don't have any children but are proud owners of two cute pooches Goma and Mele.

Social Media Presence

Tarynn Nago is available on a number of social sites. She is followed by 1,642 people on her official Gram which is no more public.

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