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Get to Know Tamara Mello - Paolo Cascardo's WIfe Who is an Actress

Published Fri May 14 2021 By sonalama
Get to Know Tamara Mello - Paolo Cascardo's WIfe Who is an Actress

Tamara Mello is a promising American actress who is best known for her side supporting roles in her acting career. She is best known for her appearance in the television series "Popular" in 1999.

On 22nd February 1976, Mello was born in Orange City, California, The United States. She was born and raised by her parents in Southern California. Her parents' names are still not revealed to the media.

                      Tamara with her dad being ready for her prom.                                                              Image Source: Instagram / xvatit_kopirovat

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Net Worth and Income Source.

Tamara Mello has an estimated net worth of $5 million which she accumulated from her acting career. Her professional life began starring as a guest star on many television programs and films. She debuted in the industry as a guest star on Boy Meets World in 1993. 

Is Tamara Single or Married?

The beautiful actress Tamara Mello is happily married and the mother of one daughter. She got married to a handsome actor, Paolo Cascardo.

                                                   Tamara's husband Paolo and daughter Olivia in the frame.                                                      Image Source: Instagram/ xvatit_kopirovat

After dating for some period of time, the couple decided to exchange vows which finally happened in 2003. Since then, both of them have been together and there are no rumors regarding their separation.

Mother of a child.

Mello is a proud mother of a child with her husband. In 2007, the couple was blessed with a lovely daughter, her name is Olivia Cascardo. 

After her daughter was born, she stepped away from the limelight for a period of time so that she could take good care of Olivia for a while. 

Tamara Mello's Acting Career

After her debut in 1993 in the tv show Boy Meets World, Tamara made many appearances on television programs and films. Later, she appeared in the tv series "Popular" in 1999 for both seasons. 

                   amara Mellow (on the right side) in the tv series "Popular".                                                 

The Actress was a 90's hit sensation although she didn't make a huge effect on her career, she made a stable career for herself all the same by sticking to the type of role that had been created for her. In 2013, she made a guest appearance on the tv show "The Mentalist".

Social Media Presence

Tamara keeps a distance between her professional life and private life. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight regarding her private life. Although she has a Twitter and Instagram account it seems that the actress is not quite active on those social media. Any further information regarding Tamara's private life is quite a mystery.

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