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Tamami Chiba: A Closer Look at the Personal Life of Sonny Chiba's Second Wife

Published Thu Jan 18 2024 By Marie
Tamami Chiba: A Closer Look at the Personal Life of Sonny Chiba's Second Wife

Tamami Chiba gained celebrity status through her marriage to the renowned actor and martial artist, Sonny Chiba. Their relationship began in 1995, leading to their marriage in 1996. 

Sonny Chiba, a notable figure in the entertainment industry, was married and divorced twice in his lifetime. Let’s explore the life of Tamami Chiba in detail.

Tamami Chiba Wiki/Bio

Tamami Chiba is assumed to be in her late 70s. In her 20s, she was expected to be incredibly attractive, and it's interesting to note that the phrase "tatami" translates to "beautiful young lady" in English, adding a playful element to her name.

Tamami Chiba with her husband and her children.
Source: PopBuzz

While there is no specific information about Tamami Chiba's birthdate and birthplace, it is known that she holds Japanese nationality. In contrast, her ex-husband, born on January 22, 1939, in Fukuoka, Japan, was Sonny Chiba. Unfortunately, details about Tamami Chiba's family members and relatives, as well as information about her early childhood, are not available.

Tamami Chiba’s Net Worth 

Similarly, information about Tamami Chiba's earnings and net worth is not available. However, her ex-husband, Sonny Chiba, had amassed a substantial fortune during his successful career. At the time of his passing, Sonny Chiba's net worth was reported to be $5 million.

Despite starring in 209 films and movies showcasing his remarkable skills, Sonny Chiba's net worth was not exceptionally high, considering his prolific career. He has a total net worth of around $4 million

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Tamami Chiba’s Career

Tamami Chiba rose to prominence through her marriage to the well-known Japanese actor, Sonny Chiba. Despite her association with a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, there is a lack of information regarding Tamami Chiba's career and profession. 

Sonny Chiba in between one of his shoots.
Source: The Japanese Times

Details about her professional endeavors and contributions are not readily available. Shinichi Chiba, known by his stage name Sonny Chiba, began his cinematic career in the 1960s after being discovered in the Toei film studio's talent search. 

Tamami Chiba’s Relationships

Tamami Chiba is a heterosexual individual. In terms of her relationship status, she is divorced. She married Sonny Chiba, a well-known Japanese actor, in 1996, becoming his second wife after Yōko Nogiwa

Unfortunately, their marriage did not end, leading to their divorce in 2015. The couple shares two sons, Mackenyu Arata and Gordon Maeda, both of whom have achieved fame as actors.

Tamami Chiba’s Children

Tamami Chiba is the mother of two sons from her marriage to Shinichi Chiba, and they also have a stepdaughter from Shinichi's previous marriage. All three of their children, Mackenyu Arata, Gordon Chiba, and the older sister Juri Manase, are involved in the entertainment industry as actors.

Tamami Chiba gained celebrity status through her marriage to the renowned actor and martial artist, Sonny Chiba.
Source: PopBuzz

Mackenyu Arata, the older son, has been notably active in the public eye, experiencing attention, both positive and negative, since childhood. On the other hand, the younger son, Gordon Chiba, appears to maintain a lower profile and does not seem to be as visible in the media. Juri Manase, the oldest sister, is also actively engaged in show business.

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Tamami Chiba’s Husband, Sonny Chiba

Sonny Chiba, born Sadaho Maeda on January 22, 1939, in Fukuoka, Japan, was a legendary Japanese actor and martial artist who gained international acclaim for his skills in martial arts. He began his career in the 1960s, starring in tokusatsu superhero shows and achieving breakthrough success with the 1974 film "The Street Fighter."

Chiba's versatility led him to star in various genres, including crime thrillers, science fiction, and jidaigeki (period dramas). In the 1980s, he founded the Japan Action Club (now known as Japan Action Enterprise) to enhance martial arts techniques in Japanese film and television. His notable works include "The Bullet Train" (1975), "Doberman Cop" (1977), and "Kill Bill: Volume I" (2003). Chiba played iconic roles like Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi in several productions.

Young Sonny Chiba, ex-husband of Tamami Chiba.
Source: Pinterest

In his personal life, Chiba divorced his first wife, Yōko Nogiwa, in 1994, and later married Tamami Chiba in 1996. They had two sons, Mackenyu Arata and Gordon Maeda, both actors. Chiba passed away on August 19, 2021, at the age of 82, due to complications from the COVID-19 Delta variant. His influence extended to Western popular culture, with Quentin Tarantino, a fan, featuring him in "Kill Bill: Volume I." Chiba's impact on martial arts and cinema remains enduring.

Sonny Chiba’s Death

Sonny Chiba contracted the COVID-19 Delta variant in early August 2021. Initially, he received care at home, but when pneumonia developed on August 8, he was hospitalized. Unfortunately, at the age of 82, he succumbed to the illness on August 19, 2021. 

His agency revealed that Chiba had not been vaccinated against COVID-19. On August 20, 2021, his body was cremated in a crematorium.

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