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Talulah Riley's $25 Million Net Worth - $4.5 Million Support in Divorce Settlement and Other Earnings

Published Sat Apr 25 2020 By Lewis Willman
Talulah Riley's $25 Million Net Worth - $4.5 Million Support in Divorce Settlement and Other Earnings

The Pride & Prejudice actress Talulah Riley has it all, she has a very prominent career in acting, was once entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk's wife and is still doing great in acting, writing, film, stage, as well as in TV world. She has a Net Worth of  $25 million which includes money from her expensive divorce settlement.

She also had a well exaggerated and talked about divorce with Elon Musk, which entitled her some $4.5 million in compensation. This, super-hot English actress was recently featured in a superhero flick Bloodshot as Gina DeCarlo alongside Hollywood's hot-shot Vin Disel, she reportedly received over $3 million for acting in her recent release.

Charges around $3 million Per Movie Appearance

Though the Western Pacific actress is from a small territory, England has produced so many iconic actors that we can't even count. Talulah Riley is really one of the gems of Hollywood, she is a stunning beauty with really appreciable acting skills, which is why charging $3 million seems totally acceptable.

 Talulah Riley And Robert Pattinson On The Summer House
 Talulah Riley And Robert Pattinson On The Summer House
PC: The Summer House Banner Picture

Her movie The Summer House which was released in 2010, literally was the top streamed movie on iTunes.

Movie and TV appearances

So, far Talulah Riley already has been a part of 22 movies among which, Pride & Prejudice, Inception, Love & Distrust, The Bad Education Movie, Submerged, and Bloodshot specially stands out!

 Talulah Riley On Price & Prejudice
PC: Amazon Prime

Likewise, the actress who played the Asgardian nurse in Thor, also has a healthy count of TV series to her name. So, Nearly Famous, Phoo Action, Poirot, and Doctor Who, are some of her memorable TV treat to her fans. The actress, reportedly charges around $250 thousand per TV appearance, which is huge in all regards, right?

She is a Romantic Fiction Writer As Well

So, how talented can a person be? Is intelligence actually acquired, or is it something people are born with? That can be one accept to debate all day, but, we can't question Riley's intelligence.

 Talulah Riley's Book's cover
PC: Glamour-Path Edits

After she released her best selling novel Acts Of Love, which is available on Amazon for $22 per hard cover issue, and on kindle for $12, has now signed a two book deal with famous english publication Hodder & Stoughton. She reportedly, penned the contract for over $3 million, along with 7% royalty on its sales.

Divorce settlement with Elon Musk

Talulah Riley was once married to multi-billionaire creator and scientist Elon Musk "Twice". The Love Hate relationship brought an emotional turmoil to her life, and at first, when she was married to businessman Musk in 2010; the pair separated in 2012, which was soundly dissolve without any specific headlines in the media.

 Talulah Riley with her ex-husbanmd Elon Musk
 Talulah Riley with her ex-husbanmd Elon Musk

But the pair again reconciled in 2013 to separate again in 2016, which was well exaggerated in the media. Reportedly, the pair's separation cost $4.5 million in settlement for the PayPal founder, after the pair departed for the second time.

Feature In Esquire

Talulah Riley has also been featured on various fashion and lifestyle related magazines, in March 2010 she was featured on the cover of Esquire. Recently, in 2020, she was also featured in Glamour Magazine as well.

 Talulah Riley on the cover of Esquire Edition 2010
 Talulah Riley on the cover of Esquire Edition 2010
PC  Esquire UK

So, we hope these points are enough to justify her $25 million worth, for more celebrity net worth related topics, keep up!