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Get to Know Tabitha Hodge Broderick - One Of Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker's Surrogate Twin Daughter

Published Tue Feb 11 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Tabitha Hodge Broderick - One Of Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker's Surrogate Twin Daughter

Tabitha Hodge Broderick is the famous twin born daughter of the Grammy Awards nominee singer, actor, and comedian Matthew Broderick and his actor-producer wife Sarah Jessica Parker born on June 22, 2009.

The WarGames star, Matthew wouldn't change his daughter's name with any other because "Tabitha", means gazelle in Aramaic language. Likely, her middle name "Hodge" is given after her mother's family, as mentioned in the first episode of Who Do You Think You Are? The word 'Hodge' in English literature means the child of a famous Normans warrior Roger.

Born to $152 million Worth Family

Tabitha Broderick comes from one of the richest families as her parents combined net worth is around $152 million. 

Her father, Matthew Broderick is a renowned actor and musician with a massive fortune of $2 million. In his successful career, he has worked with Hollywood stars like; Jim Carrey in a comedy thriller movie; The Cable Guy (1996). The film hit the box office success accumulating $102.82 million globally against a budget of $45 million. 

A picture of Tabitha Broderick's parents.
Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband taking a photo together.
Image Source: People

Likewise, Tabitha's mother, Sarah Jessica Parker is the four-time Golden Globes Award-winning actress and producer with an immense bank balance of $150 million. 

She stars in hit series like; "Sex and the City" and was reportedly paid around $1 million per episode as Carrie Bradshaw.

Parents Relationship 

Tabitha's parents are still bound in the wedlock relationship and have celebrated their 23 years of a happy marriage. 

The couple fascinating love life started right after their first interaction at the Naked Angels theater company. The duos were introduced by one of Sarah's brother, who was among Matthew's close friends.

A picture of Sarah and her husband.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew caught together on a frame.
Image Source: Harper Bazaar

Their civil wedding took place in a historic synagogue on the Lower East Side, Manhattan on May 19, 1997.  

Sarah and Matthew have often been pocked with divorce rumors and hoax, but the pair seem unaffected by these rumors as The Dirty Weekend actor and his Sex And The City star bae seem busy proving the rumors wrong.

Currently, the pair live together in their New York City apartment with their children.

Two Siblings Strong

Tabitha was born in a pair; meaning, she has a twin sister, but Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick aren't identical.  

Tabitha has her father's looks, whereas Marion looks slightly like her mother.

A family photo of Sarah Jessica with her husband and children.
Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband got into a frame with their children.
Image Source: Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

In addition, the twins have a loving brother, James Wilkie Broderick, who is  7 years older than Broderick twins.

He was born on October 28, 2002, in Manhattan, New York. Currently, he is a high school graduated planning to enroll in college for further studies.

Born Via Surrogacy

After giving birth to the first child at 37, Tabitha's mother, Sarah had difficulty planning her second child. The lovebirds tried every possible way including conception before deciding to opt for a baby via surrogacy. The twin daughters were safely delivered with the help of their surrogate mother Michelle Ross.

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