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T. K. Kirkland

Published Mon Jul 18 2022 By chanel
T. K. Kirkland

T.K. Kirkland is an American actor, humorist, reality star, businessman, and popular media sensation. He is well-known for his performances in Are There Any Questions?, Black Bold and Beautiful Baller Blockin, Strays, and New Jersey Drive, among others.

In addition, Kirkland is the host of "The TK Kirkland Show," a podcast. He offers advice on how to help people with marital challenges, money issues, job hunts, and other issues on a weekly podcast broadcast.  He is also popular as a new cast member of the MTV improv comedy program Wild 'N Out from Season 4. 

Early Life

African-American parents James Kirkland and James Kirkland welcomed Trevor Kirman Kirkland into the world in 1961 in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is assumed that his mother was a housekeeper and that his father worked at the neighborhood post office. Despite being from New Jersey, the entertainer lived his teenage years living with his younger brother in Compton, California.

Nevertheless, given his notoriety, the star rarely posts on his social media about his family. Although, Kirkland did discuss his brother's passing due to an aneurysm in a press interview. The interview showed how terribly the loss of his siblings devastated him. But he used his sorrow as motivation to concentrate more on his job and honor his late brother and family.


Kirkland completed his elementary schooling at a neighborhood school in New Jersey. Whilst entering a local high school, T.K. developed a passion for humor and loved making his peers giggle. He was a part of the theatre club at the school and participated in many plays as both a supporting and a starring actor. During his adolescent years, he was also very active in sports and played tennis, football, and soccer. 

So after, he applied to Arizona State University and began studying for a bachelor's degree there. He afterward went to California State University, Northridge, where he received his Master's in speech communications. He started participating in comedic plays and skits about this period.

Marriage and Kids

Currently, T.K. Kirkland is married to Tamara Kirkland. They have a vibrant family life together despite the mystery surrounding how their relationships and loves began. Trinty, Isis, and Aris Kirkland are the pair's two daughters and one son.

T.K. Kirkland and his beautiful daughter (Source: Kirkland's Instagram)

Prior to this, T.K. Kirkland was dating a person whose identity was kept a secret from the media. He is the father of Jordan Kirkland, a child from a previous partner. Because of their son, he enjoys good relations with his ex-partner. He also uploaded a photo of himself, his son, and his ex-girlfriend.

An Acting Career

T.K. made his screen debut in Nick Gomez's well-known 1995 murder drama "New Jersey Drive," which also starred Shar-Ron Corley, Gabriel Casseus, and Saul Stein. The film, which was shortlisted for three awards, centers on two young, black teenagers named Midget and Jason who live in Newark, New Jersey, and whose primary pastime is car theft. He made an appearance in the classic comedy "Rising to the Top" in 1999, and he played Lieutenant Gaspard in the crime drama "Baller Blockin" the same year. The film, which also starred B. G. and Birdman, was written and directed by Steven Esteb. It centers on the lives of affluent criminals and dishonest police officers.

The action thriller "The Champagne Gang," the comedy "Comedy After Dark," and the 2001 action horror drama "Tara" all featured T. K. in supporting parts. He played Joey in the Curtis Franklin-written and -directed drama "Birds of a Feather" in 2012, which also starred Big Bank Black, James Coleman, and Joe Dotson. The story centers on two cousins who are trying to succeed in the music business and discover that it isn't all that different from the streets. His most recent performance was as Silk Tie Joe in the action drama "Good Brutha Bad Brutha" in 2013.

Professional Comedian

After graduating from high school, T.K. held a variety of jobs and performed stand-up comedy in bars in New York City and Los Angeles, California. He first came to public attention in 1987 when he joined the American hip hop duo Niggaz Wit Attitudes on tour. 

T.K. Kirkland during his comedy performance. (Source: Kirkland's Instagram)

Subsequently, he started performing as an opening act for many well-known rappers, such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Jay Z. T.K. was inspired to start his own music career by his friendships with other rappers, and in 2017 he released his debut album, "Who Raised You."


The comedian first established a management firm, which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prominent figures in Hollywood, such as Michael Epps, Jamie Foxx, and DL Hughley. Afterward, he and Tommy Castro and David Clingman created the Artistry Management Company together. The business engages in theater, new media, radio, film, television, and video production. Additionally, it gave Kirkland the chance to collaborate with well-known actors including John Leguizamo, Sandra Bullock, and Anthony Michael Hall.

Additionally, he has his own fashion brand on the website known as "Pink Bubble." He sells stickers, clothing for children and infants, stationery, masks, housewares, clothing items, gifts, phone cases, wall art, and equipment. He only provides goods of the highest caliber in a variety of colors and logos. The price of a T-shirt bearing the famous words "Who Raised You?" is $22.61. He has not yet added a new design to the store, but he has unquestionably made a sizable profit from the sales of his current offerings.

Radio Programs and Podcasts

Kirkland has been a guest on a number of well-known podcasts and radio programs, including "Private Talk Podcast with Alexis Texas," "The Breakfast Club," "VLAD TV," "Brilliant Idiots," and "Noreaga's Drink Champs." The audience respects his candor-free approach and his capacity to communicate the truth.

Furthermore, he is the host of his own program called The T.K. Kirkland Show, where he offers advice on various topics like marriage and money. There are currently 243 episodes available, and each week, hundreds of people pay heed to his podcast. Without a question, hosting and creating podcasts has greatly increased Kirkland's net worth. 

Net Worth

T.K. Kirkland has an estimated $2 million net worth as of 2022. Some sources claim that he makes $75,000 annually. He makes most of his money from stand-up comedy performances and acting roles. 

T.K. Kirkland clicking a selfie in his lavish car. (Source: Kirkland's Instagram)

In addition, he earns money through paid partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, and brand endorsements. He was once detained in New Jersey for presenting a fake driver's license; however, he was later freed after posting a sizable bail of $20,000.

Additional Work

T.K. penned an episode of the comedy series "Laffapalooza" in 2003, the comedy "BET's Comicview" episode "ComicView: One Mic Stand" in 2008, and the comedy video "Are There Any Questions" in 2008. The 2019 "T.K. Kirkland: Who Raised You?" Comedy Special" was directed by him.

T.K. has appeared in several TV specials and documentaries, including the presenter roles in the 1993 "Soul Train Comedy Awards," the 2011 "Phunny Business: A Black Comedy," and the 2020 "Def Comedy Jam Healing Through Laughter."

Social Media

On October 27, 2019, T.K. created his own YouTube channel, which now has around 20,000 subscribers and includes stand-up comedy videos.

Similar to this, the individual is highly active on several social networking sites, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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