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Wrestler Synndy Synn – All Facts About Luke Harper’s Wife & Mother Of Two

Published Sun Mar 22 2020 By Aashika
Wrestler Synndy Synn – All Facts About Luke Harper’s Wife & Mother Of Two

Manda Huber famous as Synndy Synn is a former professional wrestler well known as the wife of famous wrestler Jonathan Harper aka Luke Harper

Here are some facts about the American wrestler Synndy Synn, let's take a quick look:


Synndy Synn began her wrestling career in 2003 and stopped in 2009. After working as a pro wrestler for six years. 

She was reported to be the first female Cruiserweight Champion in her training school.

Relationship with Luke Harper

Luke Harper and Synndy Synn met the first time in while they both were wrestling for an Independent Circuit. 

The couple started dating and they finally got married in 2008. Currently, they have two sons Brodie (2012) and Nelan (2017) together. 

Synndy Synn and Luke Harper

Combine Net worth of her and husband

Synn is a former-wrestler who reportedly received around $100,000 as a pro-wrestler. Likewise, her husband Luke is an actor and wrestler worth $3 million. Reportedly, he receives around $550,000 annually from his wrestling contract. 

Moreover, he also received $100,000 as a bonus and incentives. Added that, he has signed various endorsement deals with some well-known brands. As personal endorsements are forbidden in WWE, Luke has now left WWE and is open to endorsement deals after signing a contract with All Elite Wrestling.  


Synn is blessed with two sons Brodie born in January 2012 and Nelan born in December 2017. Reportedly, she left the athlete's life to become a mother and so far she has done a commendable job as a mother of two. We can claim that because her family is healthy and happy now. 

Back when her husband left WWE because of a neck injury, she took care of Luke along with her two kids, which was a very difficult time for Synndy Synn but now the worst is over and the family is nothing but happier.

son of Synndy and Luke

Lavish Lifestyle

Synndy is the wife of a famous wrestler Luke Harper and was also a wrestler herself. Her husband's net worth is $3 million, so without a doubt, this wrestler couple is living a lavish life. 

Her bearded husband recently signed up with a new wrestling belt where other superstars like Jeff Hardy is also heading, so it looks promising.

Presence on Social Media

This celebrity is media-aware and keeps away from social media. Hence, we can say that she is a private person who is happy in her own small world.

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