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Facts About Sydney Benter - KXAN-TV Reporter From Ohio

Published Thu Sep 19 2019 By Akki
Facts About Sydney Benter - KXAN-TV Reporter From Ohio

Sydney Benter is an American news anchor and reporter, who is widely known for her work as an evening reporter in KXAN-TV news. she is also very famous for her charming look, where she gained more attention for her media work. 

She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States and belongs to white communities.

Here are 10 facts about Sydney Benter life;

What's her Net Worth? 

Sydney Benter has a massive net worth of $600,000 and her main source of income is from her profession as an anchor. Currently, she works as a night anchor in KXAN-TV owned by Nexstar Media Group.

According to the PayScale, an News TV anchor's salary has been range from $33k to $131k as of 2019, whereas it reports an average American anchor can earn around $59k per year depending upon their skill and experience.

Sydney Benter lives in Kxan.
Sydney Benter as an evening anchor.
Image Source: Twitter@sydneybenter

Lavish Life 

Benter lives a lavish life with her fortune spending over her wardrobe collection. She likes to read books and travel around on free times exploring nature, meeting new people, learning about their culture and livelihood.

House in Texas

Sydney Benter is the residence of Austin, Texas, the United States and lives in a lavish house near Mount Bonnell with her husband. The houses in Austin, TX cost nor less than $150,000 as stated in the Realtor.

Living Together With Boyfriend

Sydney Benter is living a happily married life with her long-time boyfriend. Stalking on her Instagram, we can see pictures of the couple spending qualities of time together. 

Recently on 3rd September 2019, the lovebird celebrated their anniversary with a long walk holding hand talking about their memorial moments and relationship goals.

Education - Alma Mater 

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Benter received her high school degree from local high school of Cincinnati. After that, she joined the University of Cincinnati and earned her degree certificate in an electronic media.

Sydney Benter poses for a picture.
Sydney Benter taking a photo.
Image Source; Insta@sydneybentertv

Body Measurement 

Sydney is a gorgeous news anchor with stunning long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. She stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) tall weighing around 65 kg.

Nature Lover

Benter is an avid nature lover, where she loves to roam around nature watching beautiful flower and breathing refreshing air. She keeps taking pictures of the waterfall, sunset and rises through the upper hill.

KXAN Network

Sydney Benter work as an evening newscasts anchor in Kxan along with Robert Hadlock and Tom Miller. It is a TV station affiliated from NBC, which coverage news with depth investigation. 

Sydney Benter taking a photo.
Sydney Benter poses for a photo on office.
Image Source; Insta@sydnetbentertv


Besides Sydney's busy schedules, she manages her time for social work activities. She is actively involved with numbers of non-profitable organizations like; American Heart Association. The lovers help as a volunteer to raise $1.1 million for the company.

Social Media Presence

Sydney Benter has an Instagram account @sydneybentertv with 
1,344 followers and Twitter account with 2,887 fans following. Her fans can know more closely about her private life through social sites. She uploads pictures and videos of herself including friends and family on her social media.

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