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Get to Know Syd Butler - "Les Savy Fav" Founder's Personal Life and Details

Published Sun Apr 18 2021 By riya
Get to Know Syd Butler - "Les Savy Fav" Founder's Personal Life and Details

Syd Butler is one of the famous American band members and writers renowned as a founder of the Les Savy Fav band. Along with this, he is also a member of a post-hardcore band and indie rock. 

Furthermore, Syd owns Frenchkiss Records, from where new music and videos are released. Besides music, he also writes novels. 

One of the most wanted ones is Who Farted Wrong, released in 2012. Apart from this, he is recognized for being involved in The 8G Band.

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Syd Butler, Syd, and Kay Butler's son were born on August 15, 1972, in Memphis, Tennessee. Butler, despite being born in southwest Tennessee, Butler Despite spent the majority of his teenage years in Washington, D.C. He has gained American citizenship.

The bassist attended Rhode Island School of Design and continued his education after graduating from high school, where he met his Les Savy Fav bandmates by chance.

What's his net worth?

The owner of Frenchkiss is reported to be worth $5 million due to his work as a musician. His band's live shows, musical tours, and music albums helped him raise this enormous amount.

Frenchkiss Records is also a major source of revenue for Butler. Although there is no evidence that he owns a home, he may have one where he and his family live happily.

Is he married?

Syd Butler is a married man. On May 22, 2004, he tied the knot of life with Amy Carlson, an American actress. The pair have been married For the past sixteen years. There's also no proof that any of the two artists having any extramarital affairs.

Amy Carlson is a well-known American actress who has appeared in films such as A Bread Factory, Part One, and Sight Unseen. The pair is supposed to have met at a Saturday Night Live party in 1997. They later got to know each other well and realized they were made for each other. The duo decided to marry after dating for many years.

Syd Butler with his family
Syd Butler with his family

Image Source: Instagram @sydfkr

They are also parents to two. One of them is Nigel Butler, born in October 2006, a daughter, and is 14 years old as of 2021. Nigel Butler, a son born in August 2009, is the other child who is their baby boy.

Who is he related to?

8G Band's member Syd has three siblings, namely Katherine Kendall, Mallory Butler, and Shane Butler. 

Besides, he has appeared in several musical side projects, including Juiced Elfers, co-founded with Nicholas Thorburn of Islands, and Desiderata, which he co-founded with Amanda McKaye.

Syd Butler with his band members
Syd Butler with his band members

Image Source: Headline Planet

Butler's long-time friend Fred Armisen formed the 8G band, the house band for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Each episode features a special guest on the drums, with Kenny Aronoff, Matt Cameron, Patrick Carney, and Dave Lombardo among the notable alumni.