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Suzy Kolber's $18 Million Net Worth - All Her Earnings and $55M Scandal Settlement

Published Fri Feb 05 2021 By Aashika
Suzy Kolber's $18 Million Net Worth - All Her Earnings and $55M Scandal Settlement

Suzy Kolber has an impressive amount of net worth which is $18 million. She has been working as a reporter and sportscaster as well as a co-producer. 

The television personality is known for working in ESPN since 1993. She has hosted the shows, 'Monday Night Countdown' and the 'Monday Night Football'. 

Here is some information to know how Kolber makes her earning. 

Income From EPSN 

Erin Kolber has been earning around $3 million every year from ESPN. In 1993, the broadcaster joined the channel and got a chance to cover National Football League and Grand Slam tennis events. 

She worked on five seasons of 'Sunday Night Football' from 2001-2005. Aside from the network, the reporter has served in ABC Sports and Fox Sports. 

She has reported 'Monday Night Football', 'NASCAR Countdown', and 'Monday Night Countdown'. 

Erin Kobler hosting 'Monday Night Football'.
Image Source: The wrap

Works As a Producer

Kolber came into the industry as a producer in 1985 at 5:30 p.m ET sportscast at WTVJ-TV in Miami. After that, produced the shows, 'Greyhound Racing America' and 'Cowboys Special Edition' through which she received a considerable amount. 

Then, in the same position, Kolber worked for Breeders' Cup, Inside Edition, WCIX-TV, NFL Film, and WPEC-TV.

Producer of "Greyhound Racing America".
Image Source: Spectator Life

Earning Through Endorsement

Besides television appearances, the sportscaster accumulated a vast amount from endorsement. In 1995 she was featured n multiple video sequences in the 'ESPN Extreme Games'.  There she hyping up the player, introducing levels, and hinting at secret areas. 

Likewise, Erin is serving video games  ESPN NFL Football for Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 2. She is the spokesperson for commercials brands like Pepsi-Cola and Chevrolet. 

Incident Settlement

In 2008, Kolber made the headline in many news when she stalked the incident. The report was filmed naked by a strange man in her hotel room through the peephole. The video was posted on social media. After that, she sued the man and the hotel for a $55 million settlement. 

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