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Five Facts About Suzanne Whiston - Karl Pilkington's Girlfriend

Published Sat Feb 25 2023 By sush
Five Facts About Suzanne Whiston - Karl Pilkington's Girlfriend

If you know Karl Pilkington, you all must know that he is in a relationship, right? If you do, you may also know that he is in a live-in relationship with a television journalist named Suzanne Whiston. She is a British reporter and sports producer who is well-known for producing BBC's Match Of The Day.

When it was revealed that Karl had a girlfriend who worked for BBC, the internet was exhilarated to meet her. However, the comedian and the journalist had other plans. And the journalist went into full incognito mode and didn't have any presence in the media. So now, even after nearly two decades, he has still kept his relationship as covered as it can be. 

So, we have brought to you everything that we've discovered about Suzanne. Are you ready to know her yet?

What is Suzanne Whiston's Net Worth?

The net worth of Suzanne Whiston is estimated to be over $2 million. Whereas another television journalist named Clarissa Ward has a net worth of around $1.5 million. She is a television producer who produced the Match Of The Day, along with BBC. 

Moreover, she is also a sports entertainment reporter with many important sporting events covered like the FA Cup back in 2004 and the World Cup of 2006 which was held in Germany. 

Alleged picture of Suzanne Whiston
Alleged picture of Suzanne Whiston. (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, as known, she is the girlfriend of none other than the comedian and television presenter, Karl Pilkington. He is a prominent personality who has an estimated net worth of over $3 million.

And according to sources, he has an annual salary of over $600k. So, though they may have been covering their personal lives, it can be guessed that they are leading a comfortable life.

Suzanne's Relationship With Karl Pilkington: Are They Married Yet?

According to sources, Suzanne and Karl have been dating since the 1990s. Ever since they have been in a relationship and there has been no news of the couple separating. However, now, even after nearly two decades of being together, the couple hasn't tied down the knot. 

Karl Pilkington's girlfriend, Suzanne Whiston.
Karl Pilkington's girlfriend, Suzanne Whiston. (Source: Everipedia)

Suzanne and her boyfriend, Karl have been in a live-in relationship. As it seems, the couple seems to have no plans of getting married and instead continue their relationship as a live-in couple. And the comedian's fans may be well aware that he isn't a family guy.  

How Did They Meet?

According to the sources, Suzanne started dating Karl back in the 1990s. However, it would surprise you to learn that their first meeting was quite like a scene from a romance novel. 

As per the sources, at the time the couple met, Karl was working at Manchester's Key 103 Radio Station. And on a fine day, Karl was short on money to get a hot chocolate. You can guess how it went, right? When he was short on money, Suzanne came along, took a hot chocolate for herself, and also paid for Karl's hot chocolate. 

Karl Pilkington and Suzanne Whiston.
Karl Pilkington and Suzanne Whiston. (Source: Pinterest)

So to settle the favor and express his gratitude, Karl offered to edit some footage and clips for Suzanne in return. Editing the clips was a little too much to settle the price of a hot chocolate, so she ended up treating hip to another hot chocolate. And that's how the couple met. 

Do Suzanne And Karl Have Kids?

No, Suzanne and Karl haven't welcomed a kid yet. Though Karl's fans have been waiting for the couple to announce the good news, the couple hasn't talked about the topic. They have been in a relationship for quite a long time, they are yet to announce the arrival of their baby. 

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Moreover, Karl also said in his Q&A video that he didn't want kids. In the same video, he also said that he was not cut out to be a parent and it's just not for him. He also revealed that he is open to the idea of adopting a kid. And said if he'd ever had a kid, he would just adopt them.

Is Suzanne Available On Social Media?

Unfortunately, Suzane doesn't seem to be available on social media. As we can see, it seems that she is a very private person. Moreover, there's an account posing as Suzanne @SuzanneWhiston active on Twitter. Not only that, the account has "Proud wife of Karl, 20+ years," written on its bio and has over 3k followers.

However, it doesn't seem to be the actual Suzanne's account. Moreover, despite being an unverified account, many seem to be taking her to be the actual Suzanne and following her. 

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