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Everything You Need to Know About Susannah Flood

Published Thu Sep 16 2021 By Kri
Everything You Need to Know About Susannah Flood

Susannah Flood, a fresh talent in the Hollywood scene has a descent no of theatre performance as well as screen work credits. Her major breakthrough in the industry was through the new Shondaland obsession, For The People. 

Kate Littlejohn the prosecutor character being her first leading role polished her talents and helped her drastically to bring herself into the limelight. Actress Susannah loves reading Middlemarch as it is her favorite book. 

Early Life 

It is known that the actress was grown in Manhattan with her siblings and is originally born in New York. Flood in her school days was known to be an outstanding student, who showed a promising path in her academics was also awarded an honorary student as she was more focused on studying than socializing or making friends. 


Susannah attended Santa Monica High School when she was completing her education and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley where she graduated with the highest honor, graduated Summa Cum laude as she pursued a higher level of knowledge. While in school, the American actress was an active member of the Women's Lightweight Crew. 

Net Worth

Actress Susannah Flood has accumulated a huge sum of money as well as popularity in her lifetime. At the moment her estimated net worth is approximately in the millions. Her earnings from a source estimated $50,110 throughout the year of 2020 and are expected to increase in the coming days. 

Susannah Flood in 2018 EW and People Upfront party in New York

Chicago Fire (2012) an American action drama also helped her increase her income. As per the record shows her annual estimated salary ranges from $19560-$247,127. She also receives earnings from her 2016’s Broadway debut The Cherry Orchard. 

Personal Life and Lesbian Rumor

Since the early days of her being a person who has kept a distance between personal and professional life, Susannah Flood has not been involved in any relationship and also has been able to keep her personal and private issues away from the public. 

Susannah as the love of Caitlin Stasey in For The People 
Source: Twitter/@hajabeg

There was various speculation among the community that she could be a lesbian given her role as Anya Ooms (Caitlin Stasey's Love) in the drama "For the People" however she has not verified herself of such information and her role was confidential and was professionally delivered.


Flood loves to swim and also does not like mayonnaise as she thinks it's just too vague. Flood is also a huge fan of the show, RuPaul's drag race. During her leisure time, she enjoys watching old movies and reading. As information says her favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life.

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