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Meet Susan Slaughter - The Beautiful Paranormal Activity Investigator | Facts and PIcs

Published Mon Jan 17 2022 By aayush
Meet Susan Slaughter - The Beautiful Paranormal Activity Investigator | Facts and PIcs

Susan Noelle Slaughter is massively known for her career as a movie actress and her investigations which are related to paranormal activities.

Susan was born on 1st May 1990 in Miami, Florida, United States. She is a Christian by religion and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Born in Florida she has become a famously known actor now.

Susan Slaughter. source: Instagram@susanthedragonwitch

Childhood and Family

Growing up in Florida she did not have a very harsh and difficult childhood she is also part of Nicaraguan due to which she has fluent Spanish. 

Slaughter does not openly talk about her parents in front of the audience and media as she likes to keep things about her family and personal life secretive for herself. Therefore, the public does not know about her family until now.

Career as an Actress and Paranormal Activity Investigator

Susan initially studied zoology in her younger years but later left zoology to pursue acting as her full-time career. And also become successful in her career as a movie actress. 

Apart from acting the actress is widely known for her researches regarding paranormal activities. As a paranormal investigator she also mostly works in horror movies. 

The actress has starred in movies like Ouija House, The Bliss, Shophia The Evil Witch, The Dawn Sister Isabel, etc.

Susan Slaughter movie feature. source:Instagram@susanthedragonwitch

She is also a speaker on the subjects regarding paranormal activities. She speaks on the topic in various universities and conventions. Susan was seen speaking on the subject in various occasions in Bizzare States, Dead Central, The Nerdist and Sinful Celluloid.

How Muchs Does The Actress Earn?

The Cynthia actress Susan Slaughter has a net worth of approximately $4 million which she accounted for with acting as her primary source of earning. Apart from acting she also does modeling for different modeling agencies. 

The actress also has her own YouTube channel which also supports her income.

Susan's Relationship

Although Susan keeps most of her personal life private and secretive for herself she has not backed up from posting and being open about her relationship.

Currently, the paranormal activity investigator Susan Slaughter is in a relationship with her boyfriend Carlos Ramirez. Carlos is a guitarist himself. Although she has been dating Ramirez they don't have plans for marrying at least not until now.

Susan Slaughter and her boyfriend Carlos Ramirez. source: Instagram@susanthedragonwitch

Tattoos and Plastic Surgeries

Slaughter is a naturally beautiful lady and she has not said anything done to her body regarding plastic surgery. 

For tattoos, the model has got a fine piece of art of phoenix inked along the right side of her torso.

Personal life

Regarding her personal life, Susan follows a strict and healthy diet in order to keep her in shape with her growing age. She is a 163cm (5feet 4inches) tall slim actress with a beautiful glowing face.

Talking about her pet Slaughter has a very unique pet, a pet snake, Clementine which lives with her in Los Angeles, California.