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Susan Sarandon's $60 Million Net Worth - Details on Her Details and Real Estates in US

Published Mon Sep 28 2020 By Aashika
Susan Sarandon's $60 Million Net Worth - Details on Her Details and Real Estates in US

Susan Sarandon has a huge net worth of $60 million. She made her massive wealth through her successful acting career as well as an entrepreneur. 

Sarandon did acting in the film industry from 1969 to 2017. Her notable movies are 'Pretty Baby' and 'Atlantic City'.  Apart from acting, she is currently working as an activist and investor of companies. 

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Highest Grossed Movies

Liz of 'Alfie' has portrayed in at least 90 movies which have made an impressive amount in the box office. Some movies of Sarandon are  'Thelma & Louise', 'The Client', 'Elizabethtown', 'Romance and cigarettes', 'The Banger', and many more. As we know, her hefty amount of worth is from her acting in numerous movies. 

Below is a list of 5 movies of hers that accumulated a massive profit in the box office. 

  1. Enchanted: $127,807,262
  2. Stepmom: $91,137,662
  3. A Bad Moms Christmas: $72,110,659
  4. Shall We Dance: $57,890,460
  5. The Lovely Bones: $44,114,232
Susan Sarandon in the movie 'Enchanted' as Queen Narissa.
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Income From Tv Series 

Sarandon has appeared in several Tv series and also has lent her voice as the narrator for many documentaries. She currently starred in 'Ray Donovan' in season 5 and 6 as Samantha "Sam" Winslow. 

Likewise, she starred in 'You Don't Know Jack' (2010), 'Malcolm in the Middle' (2000-2006), 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe' (2015), and so on. Additionally, she has provided her voice of Bette Davis in 'Feud' and as Aunt Agatha in 'Neo Yokio'. 

'Meg' of the Tv series 'Malcolm in the Middle'.
Image Source: Mamamia

Endorsed By L'Oreal Paris

'Academy Award' winning actress has signed an endorsement deal with L'Oreal Paris in 2016. She got the contract at age of 69 and is now an ambassador of their Age Perfect beauty line. 

Susan Saradon is an ambassador of L'Oreak Paris. 
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Business in Many Area

Aside from actress, Saradon has invested money in her business. In 2009, she founded 'SPiN', an international chain of franchised table tennis clubs and bars, along with partners. Its branches are in Milwaukee, Toronto, Dubai, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Franciso. 

A co-founder of 'SPiN' Ping Pong Club.
Image Source: Block Club Chicago 

Furthermore, she has a production company named 'Reframed Picture'. The company was created by Susan and a team of award-winning producers and directors. It has produced a documentary film on the life of actress Hedy Lamarr. 

Real Estate

Tim Robbins's ex-wife is the owner of a $7.9 million house that kept for sale in July 2020. The house was bought by Susan and Tim in 1991, six bedrooms within a mansion-sized 6,000 sqft. 

But, in 2011 when the couple decided to get divorced Sarandon took full ownership of a house by paying $3.2 million to Robbins. The lavish mansion is located in Chelsea, Manhattan. 

A $7.9 million house of Susan Sarandon in Chelsea Manhattan.
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Moreover, she has a $1.75 million, a one-bedroom penthouse in Greenwich Village. Sarandon also has a 2,000 sqft apartments which is in Brooklyn. Its cost price is around $900,000. 

Penthouse in Greenwich Village. 
Image Source: Variety

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