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Susan Powter - Motivational Speaker Who Got Bankrupt Once

Published Sun Aug 29 2021 By Aashika
Susan Powter - Motivational Speaker Who Got Bankrupt Once

Susan Powter is an Australian motivational speaker, personal trainer, dietitian as well as author. She has published a book "Stop the Insanity" in back 1993. 

She was born on 22 December 19957 in Australian; later in 1967 immigrated to the United State of America. Whereas, her parent's details are under the curtain. She has only studied till ninth grade and got her education degree from Dominican runs.

Let's find some amazing facts about her:

Net Worth: $6 million

Susan Powter has an estimated net worth of $6 million from her successful career as a nutritionist, fitness coach, creator, and author. In 1994, she starred in her own talk- show style television program called "The Susan Powter Show" and invited many celebrity guests where she discussed nutrition and fitness. 

Then became an author of several books, out which her three books are "Stop the Insanity" in 1993, "The Pocket Powter" in 1994, and "Food" in 1995, which are recognized as "The Best Selling Books" by NewYork Times and to public and global levels. The book collects the cash of $18,000,000 in the main week and duplicates with 15,000 per week.

Two Marriages Failed

Author Susan Powter has married twice in her life. Firstly, she married Nic John Villarreal on July 2, 1982, in Texas in a private marriage ceremony. After five years of married life, the couple couldn't stay together and they got divorced on 28 August 1987.  

Later, she got married for the second time to Lincoln Apeland. Their wedding date has not been revealed.  But the duo ended their marriage in 1995. Sadly, the spokesperson suffered a lot from both failed marriages. 

Susan Powter's second husband Lincoln Apeland.
Image Source: Discogs

Multiple of Relationship 

As being a lesbian, Powter dated Jessica Kirson, an actress and producer from 2008 to 2009. Not only her, but she was also in a relationship with singer Animal Prufrock, a leading member of the rock duo "Bitch & Animal". However, the relationship didn't work. 

A picture of Susan Powter with her former girlfriend, Jessica Kirson.
Image Source: Flickr


The motivational speaker Powter is a single parent of three young sons. She gave birth to two sons with her first husband, Nic John Villarreal. In 1983, her first son Damien Powter came into this world and for the second time became a mother to her son Kiel Powter in 1986. 

Moreover, Powter has adopted a third kid, son Gabriel Powter in 1999. Being a single parent, she gave all her love and support to all three kids. 

Susan Powter with her three sons Damien Powter, Kiel Powter, and Gabriel Powter.
Image Source: Pinterest

Openly Accept As A Lesbian 

During her interview with, a Q&A she opens up about her being a lesbian citing in 2008. Also stated to "Curve Magazine" in 2004 that she is a privilege as a "radical feminist lesbian". 


The nutritionist and personal trainer Susan Powter has inked multiple tattoos on her body. She has some design tattoos and abstract tattoos which look stunning on her body. We can see a huge tattoo on her chest and her hand there is one jewelry type print. 

Susan Powter's tattoos on her hand and chest. 
Image Source: Celebrities Tattooed

YouTube Channel 

Susan Powter holds a YouTube Channel since 26 March 2007 in her own name Susan Powter. She has over 3.26k subscribers where she uploads videos of blogs about foods, weather, happy Dog, vacation, and many more. For 8 years she hasn't uploaded any new videos to her channel. Referring to her social media account she made it private and away from the limelight. 


In the 1990's Susan got bankrupt due to a legal battle with former business partner Gerald Frankel, whom she has netted at her exercise studio, for rights to her name and the "Stop the Insanity" trademark. As per Susan, "Frankel told reporters in 1995, insisting the deal had been equitable".

However, they fought in court for a year. She won the case with identity but has to face personal bankruptcy. After facing all financial crises she overcomes them with all her hard works as a radio anchor, author, and television producer. 

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