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Get to Know Susan Cavallari - Facts and Pics of Former Wife of Late Clint Walker

Published Sun Jan 10 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Susan Cavallari - Facts and Pics of Former Wife of Late Clint Walker

Susan Cavallari came into the limelight after she got married to the late Clint Walker. Her husband was a legendary actor and singer in the Hollywood industry.

She was born in the United States and was living a private lifestyle before being the wife of Walker. The couple was in two decades of married life until the partner's death.  

To know more facts about Cavallari that people should know. 

Net Worth and Earnings

Susan Cavallari has an estimated net worth of $4 million which her late husband left for her. Her husband earned it through acting and the music industry. The actor is known for his role as a cowboy in tv series "Cheyenne Bodie".

 In 1954, he made a debut in the film 'Jungle Gents'. After that, he appeared in numerous movies and series till 1998. Walker is the co-author of 'Yaqui Gold', along with Kirby Jones. The book was published on 15th October 2003. 

Twenty Years of Married Life 

An author, Cavallari got married to one of the popular actors, Clint Walker on 7th March 1997. Their wedding was held as a small and private ceremony in Grass Valley, California. 

The couple was living a happy married life for two decades which we could see at events. The pair have to get separated when her spouse passed away.  

A picture with her late spouse Clint Walker was an actor and singer. 
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Husband's Previous Marriage and Affairs

Before Susan, the late actor Clint Walker was wedded twice. His first wife is Verna Garver with whom he exchanged the vows on 5th September 1948. 

After that, the ex-couple welcomed a daughter and had 19 years of marriage. They gave shocked when they revealed about divorce in 1969 and the custody was given to Walker. 

The first wife of Clint Wlaher,  Verna Garver.
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Later, he moved on with Giselle Hennessy and walked down the aisle on 26th May 1974. Walker and Hennessy were in successful marriage but, unfortunately, they couldn't go so far due to the demise of Giselle on 1st January 1994. 

The legendary actor with his second wife Giselle Hennessy.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Step Mother of One Child

Susan Cavallari is the stepmother of Valerie Walker who is the daughter of her spouse's first marriage. She was born in 1950 who is one of the first female airline pilots in America. 

Her custody was given to the father by which Valeria was living with Cavallari. They also share a good relationship like mother and daughter. 

Death News of Walker

In May 1971, Clint Walker nearly died but came back when he got struck by a ski pole at Mammoth Mountain, California. The actor was rushed to the hospital where the doctor told 'He is no more', but after a brief examination, the doctor detected he was faintly alive. Then, he was taken to the surgery room, where his heart repaired within two months he became healthy.  

But, on 21st May 2018, a singer left this world nine days before his 91st birthday. The death of the cause was congestive heart failure. 

Private Life

Susan Cavallari lives a private life away from the limelight after the death of her life partner. Before that also she kept her personal life information under the curtain, as she is a secretive person. 

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