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Summer Marie – Winter Ramos’ Daughter With Her Living Partner

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By DGM
Summer Marie – Winter Ramos’ Daughter With Her Living Partner

Summer Marie is the daughter of the American wardrobe stylist, actress, and author Winter Ramos. She was born on the 20th of August 2013 and is Winter's daughter with her partner or boyfriend.

The name 'Summer' is a feminine name derived from the season of summer which is the warmest season of the year. And as the daughter of Ramos was born in August that falls that in the summer season, she named her child Summer.

Rich Mother's Net Worth

Summer Marie's mamma, Winter holds a whopping net worth of $350,000. She has amassed such an amazing fortune from her career as an author and wardrobe stylist. She also bags some of her worth as a reality television star.

Lovely Relationship of Parents

Marie's parents, Winter and her partner have been dating and living together for a few year now. They know each other for over a decade and choose to be together because they understand each other very well and have a mutual bonding. 

Though they haven't married, they are like husband and wife for the other because they love and care for them.

A picture of Summer Marie with her daddy.
Summer Marie with her daddy.
Image Source: Instagram@therealwinterramos

Living a Lavish Life 

The 6 years old princess of the gorgeous author is living a pretty lavish life with her mamma who is worth $350,000. She gets to wear the finest clothes and accessories that money can buy, all thanks to her sweet mom who takes care of all her expenses. 

Like her eminent mother, she loves to wear dresses and clothes from Chanel which of course we all know is a very expensive brand. But that's nothing for the princess of Winter, she just gets to wear everything.

A picture of Summer Marie lives a lavish life.
Summer Marie lives a lavish life.
Image Courtesy: Instagram@therealwinterramos

Marie is also seen travelling to some of the wonderful places that a child can visit such as Disney land and Lego land with her mom and dad. She rides an expensive toy car on her house and background bought her mamma. 

Plus, she has some really wonderful and expensive toys and accessories that a child can desire. This easily proves how much of a princess's life she is living.

Featuring on Mamma's Instagram

You'd love to hear that cute infant features a lot on her mamma's Instagram pictures. Yes, she is seen in the majority of the pictures that the best selling author posts on her Instagram. She is seen sharing a lovely moment with her mom and is even seen posing as a solo model. 

It seems like that the 40 years old Ramos is already polishing her daughter to become a model and actress.

A picture of Summer Marie with her mamma.
Summer is twinning her mamma.
Picture Source: Instagram@therealwinterramos

Celebrating first 5 months of her life was Lit

When Summer completed the first five months of her life, she got to celebrate with a big bash. Winter and her boyfriend, her parents made a special cake for her to commemorate the wonderful day. 

The cake had a Happy Birthday written on it and top of it was the number 5. Her mamma posted a very cute picture of her starring the cake where she looked a bit curious of what was going on. 

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