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8 Facts About Sue Herera Who is Also Known As The "First Lady of Wall Street"

Published Wed Jan 13 2021 By Samana
8 Facts About Sue Herera Who is Also Known As The "First Lady of Wall Street"

Sue Herera is a popular journalist and business news television anchor. She was born on  November 15, 1957, in Spokane, Washington. 

Here are some facts about her:

$8 Million Worth

Sue Herera has a massive net worth of $8 million. She accumulated her wealth through her career as a business news journalist who has been working in this field for a  very long time now. 

Marriage With Daniel Herera

Herera is married to the wonderful Daniel Herera. Their romance bloomed when the two were on an assignment where Daniel was the news cameraman and Sue was doing what she does the best, being in front of the camera. 

They ended up falling for each other after working together. Sue and Herera got married in 1984 and have been each other's biggest support system ever since.

Sue Herera and her husband, Daniel Herera.
Sue Herera and her husband, Daniel Herera.
Image Source: Marriedceleb

Three Kids

Sue and Daniel have 3 wonderful kids: Jacqueline Herera, Victoria Herrera, and Daniel Herera. 

Jacqueline and Victoria are twins who were adopted by the couple in 2002. Daniel was born to the couple in the year 2005. The three are all loved equally by Sue and she absolutely adores her babies.

Adopted Two Baby Girls

Sue and her husband Daniel adopted two baby girls who are twins from China. Victoria and Jacqueline Herera are their names and Sue instantly fell in love when she first met them both. Even though the process of adoption is very long and hard, she and Daniel did it and became parents to the lucky twins.

Husband's Net Worth

Sue's husband, Daniel Herera has a net worth of $3 million. He accumulated his riches from his career as a physician. Before he became a physician, he was also a cameraman at the news station where Sue worked. He then got his medical license in the year 1999.

Alma Mater- Education

A woman as talented and hardworking as her has been looked up to by so many girls who have and lack the opportunity. The institution where she polished her knowledge and graduated from is California State University, Northridge. She studied journalism in the institute and graduated from there with flying colours. 

35 years in the Business News World

It has been a long 3 and a half decades for Sue who has been giving us all the insights on the business world. She works are CNBC as a breaking news anchor and is the lead anchor of CNBC for breaking news. All her hard work and talent got her to where she is right now. She has survived amongst the men and came out shining to the top.

Also known as "The First Lady of Wall Street"

Breaking all the stereotypes of just men being in the business news, Sue did all of us women proud. She was indeed one of the first few women who got into the business news which earned her the nickname "The First Lady of Wall Street". 

The first lady of wall street all in her element.
The first lady of wall street all in her element.
Image Source: NBR

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