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Know All About Stitches Rapper - Bio and Other Facts Including His Tattoos

Published Tue Feb 08 2022 By ervin
Know All About Stitches Rapper - Bio and Other Facts Including His Tattoos

Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis is an outstanding American rapper widely known by his career name Stitches. Before building his career with his current stage "Stitches" he named himself "Lil Phil".

Stitches rapper was born on 17 June 1995, in Miami, Florida United States. He also produced the popular song "Brick In Yo Face," which helped launch his career. 

Rapper wearing black tee.
Stitches Rapper photoshoot for his music video. Source: Instagram @stitches_the_rapper

Early Life And Family

Stitches rapper was born and raised in Miami. He has suffered a lot in his youth age, as his parents were divorced when he was just one year old, and has two siblings Alex Jr and Dimitri. He hasn't revealed his parents' names yet.

When he was young, he went to G. Holmes Braddock High School, and later on, he was expelled due to his short temper and punching in the principal's face. Since then he was arrested many times for illegal activities and was on his own feet.

After standing on his own feet, Stitches rapper left his hometown and moved to South Beach. He started selling drugs and weapons after he was out of money. In 2012 he started taking his rapper career seriously.

Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis's Career

In 2014, after dropping the solo debut song "Brick in Yo Face". The song attracted a lot of musicians and he started gaining fame. The song has more than 32 million views on YouTube.

The next year, he released his two mixtapes “Brick Bible” and “Supply and Demand” and then a short period of time, he dropped his debut album named “For Drug Dealers Only”.

In 2017, he released his project songs which were "The Trap House", "I Need Rehab", and "Cocaine Holiday". The following year, he dropped his two new albums "Bipolar" and "Time For Murder". 

Stitches wearing a dotted tee.
Stitches standing in a public place and taking pictures. Photo Source: CelebNMusic247

Rapper Stitches' Net Worth

Rapper Stitches' estimated net worth of $500,000. He earns money from different sources. Rapping and his illegal business makes him a handsome sum of money. He owns a Mansion and Cars but hasn't said any information about it. He has some expensive jewelry.


Stitches Rapper is well-known for his tattoos that cover his whole body and face. He was arrested several times as a child, and most of his tattoos are related to his life.

He had always wanted an AK-47 since he was a kid, so he decided to get one tattooed on his jawline. He has many more tattoos, including spiders, teddy bears, and others, but he has not revealed the meaning of the tattoos.

The Rapper's Relationship

In 2011, the rapper married Erica Duarte who was 11 years bigger than him at the age of 17. While marrying, Erica used to be a judicial assistant. The couple ended their relationship after 5 years of being together and since then he is out of contact with his divorced wife. 

Stitches wearing a black tee with black jacket.
Stitches posing for his album cover photo. Photo Source: Instagram @sick_minded_fuck

Phillip's Children

Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis and his wife have three children. The couple welcomed their first son, Rex, in 2013, and their second son, Rocco, the following year. Evelyn, the couple's first daughter, was born in 2015.

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