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Stevie Wynne Levine - "Good Mythical Morning" Producer

Published Wed Feb 09 2022 By sijal
Stevie Wynne Levine - "Good Mythical Morning" Producer

Stevie Wynne Levine professionally known as Stevie Levine is popular for being the producer of the TV show "Good Mythical Morning"(2012). The show was highly popular at that time and was directed and produced by her and Rhett McLaughlin.

She was born on November 4, 1987, in Harlingen, Texas, United States. Stevie had officially spoken about her sexuality as a Lesbian and is proud to be a part of LGBTQ.

Educational background

For achieving primary level education she completed her schooling in her hometown area whereas for graduation she joined Syracuse University and pass out in 2009. She was a multi-talented student as she got Academic Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award.

After completing her graduation Levine started to work as an assistant in different management digital studios.

Production and Professional Career

From the beginning, Stevie had a straightforward mind to be the famed producer and produce extraordinary, adventurous films and TV series. 

She had worked as an assistant and production manager in many production companies(Red Hour Flims, Mondo Media, which really made her an experienced person in this field.

Stevie Wynne Levine with her co-workers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal of Mythical Entertainment
Stevie Wynne Levine with her Mythical Entertainment co-workers, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. source: Instagram@steviewlevine

 Slowly she began to get the reputation she was seeking and finally become Senior President of Production in Mythical Entertainment. 

And currently, Stevie is working as a Chief Officer at Mythical Entertainment now for almost 11 years. The TV show "Good Mythical Morning" was produced by Mythical Entertainment which was a huge success for the studio. 

Is Stevie a Lesbian?

Many may have doubts about Stevie Wynne Levine's muscular-feminine features face and yes, the producer of "My Hair Song" had publicly spoken about her being Lesbian. This news got confirmed after the dating news of GMM Stevie with Cassie Cobb went viral on the internet.

With her sweet feminine voice and muscular features no doubt any gender could fall for her. Besides being Lesbian her family, friends, and co-workers seem to have no problem with her, and people around her look comfortable with her.

Stevie Wynne Levine with her partner  Cassie Cobb
Stevie Wynne Levine with her partner Cassie Cobb on trekking. source: Instgram@steviewlevine

Net worth

The Chief Executive Officer of Mythical Entertainment had good earnings whether it's for employees or chiefs. As she was the former face of modeling as well no doubt her salary was quite high.

But as of now her main way of earning is from Mythical Entertainment the total estimated net worth of Stevie Wynne Levine is more than $600,000 USD dollars as of 2022. Besides that, she also owned her own Youtube channel with millions of followers.

Is Stevie in a relationship?

 As previously said Stevie is currently dating the artist herself, Cassie Cobb. Cassie is an architectural designer in California where she achieved her degree in the Arts sector and had been a great art student of her era.

 Cobb and Levine first met years ago and instantly fall for each other though they were just best friends for a year they decided to officially date each other by now. 

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