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Steven Assanti - Facts About My-600 Ib Life Star

Published Wed Mar 23 2022 By sijal
Steven Assanti - Facts About My-600 Ib Life Star

Steven Assanti is a Television personality known for his appearance in the TV reality show My-600 Ib Life which was based on the weight loss journey and tips on losing weight. 

He appeared alongside his younger brother Austin Assanti who was also on a weight loss journey with him.

Stevan was born on December 2, 1981, in Providence, Rhode Island, the United States. Their weight loss journey was an inspirational story for many viewers and became reality stars for them.

How was childhood of Steven?

Steven and his brother Justin had a miserable childhood since their parents were separated and their mother was a toxic woman. They had to go through an enormous struggling phase due to their family condition.

After completing his formal level education Assanti went to Texas for achieving higher education and got graduated from a private college located in Rhode Island in the faculty of Human resources. 

How did Steven prominence as a reality show star?

While talking about the career of My -600 Ib Life reality show star was already fighting with his health issues as his weight was getting uncontrolled. 

With depression and anxiety, he couldn't do better in his career according to his plans. But after a year he got the opportunity to turn his weakness point into his profession and source of income.

He first made his appearance on the TV show The Dr. Phill House: House of Hatred as a guest and started to collaborate with various reality shows and bizarre YouTube videos. 

After drawing attention from the netizens Steven got the invitation to TLC's popular show My-600 IB Life in which many people shared their weight loss journey.

How much is the earning of Steven?

The reality show star and a weight-loss inspiration for many had been earning well since he got appeared in the My -600 Ib Life. Recently he is living in an ordinary white-themed house located in Lowa Real State which almost costs $183,160 USD dollars.

The total estimated net worth of Steven Assanti is $900,000 USD dollars as of 2022. He charged $30,000 for doing each Tv reality show and also gain money from sponsors of those shows.

Who is Steven married to?

Steven Assanti was previously married to Stephanie Sanger who had been working as a professional massage therapist for several years now. The couple often got spotted on media and didn't much like to interact with the public. 

Steven Assanti with his former wife Stephanie Sanger
Steven Assanti with his ex-wife Stephanie Sanger before their divorce. source: @Soap Dirt

Steven got to know Stephanie through one of his friends. Although Stephanie helped him to overcome his anxiety and was his backbone in struggling phases, the couple still got separated to live life on their own.

Did Steven have any Children?

Although the correct information about the child of the reality show star had not been properly given, he has one daughter from his previous marriage but had kept her in away from the nitiezens sight cause of privacy. 

However, Steven Assanti is more into charity work and wants to adopt an orphan child soon.

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