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Facts About Steve Janowitz - Joy Behar's Husband and Father of One

Published Sat Sep 28 2019 By Akki
Facts About Steve Janowitz - Joy Behar's Husband and Father of One

Steve Janowitz is a retired American school teacher, who is widely known for his long term relationship with an American comedian Joy Behar. The two has been living a happy married life with their daughter and grandchild in New York City. He was born in the United States, belongs to white communities, and holds American citizenship.

Here are 10 facts about Steve Janowitz's life;

What's his Net Worth? 

Steve Janowitz has an impressive net worth of $800,000, which he accumulated through his profession as a teacher. His excellence teaching style and dedication to his work for a better future leader (students) helped him in generating good amount of cash. 

According to the Indeed, the average salary of an American teacher is around $48,000 per year, whereas it reports the teacher can earn up to $38.30 hourly depending upon subject and institute. 

Steve Janowiz pose for a picture with his wife Joy Behar.
Steve Janowitz with his wife Joy Behar.
Image Source: Getty Images

Furthermore, his wife Joy Behar is the well-known co-host of an American talk-show; The View. She has a massive fortune of $14 million as reported by the Cheat Sheet

Lavish Life 

Currently, Janowitz is living a relaxed retired life as a school teacher. He keeps hosting events over his house and attended socialites parties and Awards functions with his wife Behar. He loves to explore the world, travels different places met new people and learn more about their culture and social norms.

House in New York

Steve live in a luxurious apartment in Upper West Side, New York City with his family. The house is situated at sixth floor of the building spreading over 1,400 square foot land. The house features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a fine dining room.

Wife - Joy Behar

Steve Janowitz is a family man, living a joyful life with his wife Joy Behar and child. The couple had their wedding ceremony privately under the presence of close ones on 11 August 2011. The duo is widely known for their long term relationship of 29 years.  

Steve Janowiz and Joy Behar taking picture together.
Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar pose for a picture.
Image Source: Doodland

The lovebird has been together since 1982 apparently, after Behar divorce her first husband Joseph Behar on March 19, 1981. 

Waited Long for Marriage 

The lovebirds Janowitz and Behar waited patiently to get married. Behar was actually waiting for the death of their both parents, where she didn't want any in-laws. 

Besides that, she has been LGBTQ supporter and waited a long same-sex marriage to be legal in New York before their marriage.

Step Child - Eve Behar

Steve Janowitz is a step father of Eve Behar, daughter of Joy Behar and her former spouse Joseph Behar. She was born on November 26, 1970, in Long Island, New York, United States. She is a former TV producer and married to a doctor, Alphonso Anthony Scotti.

Grandchild - Luca Behar Scotti

Steve Janowitz has been grandparent following, Eve Behar gave birth to her first child Luca Behar Scotti, a son wit husband Alphonso Scotti. Luca was born on February 28, 2011, in the United States.

Steve Janowiz and Joy Behar taking family photo.
Steve Janowiz and Joy Behar pose for family picture.
image Source: E Online

Body Measurement 

The retired school teacher, Janowitz stands 5 feet 7 inches  (173 cm) with slim body build. He has short grey hair as per aging with beautiful brown eyes.

Dog Lover 

The couple are a dog lover and owns a cute white-brown mixed colored Cockapoo bread dog "Bernie Behar". 

The two love to be around their pet and play around all day long on their free times. The dog is very grateful to the lovebirds to have them as a master, where they have been taken good care of him.

Bernie is one of the important members of the family and owns official Instagram account @berniebehar with 37.1k followers.

No Social Media Presence 

Unlike his wife, Steve Janowitz isn't active in any social networking sites including Instagram and Twitter till present. He love to live out of spotlight and media attendance maintaining privacy over private life.

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