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Do You Know Steve Damstra? Paget Brewster's Husband

Published Tue Feb 07 2023 By sush
Do You Know Steve Damstra? Paget Brewster's Husband

Have you ever heard of Whirlwind Heat or Steve Damstra? Well, it's a three-piece American pop band and he is one of the members of the band. And he is one of the growing musicians, songwriters, and music composers in the industry. 

However, the songwriter is best known as the husband of the American actress, Paget Brewster who played Emily Prentiss the special agent in the crime drama Criminal Minds. So, despite being a fabulous singer and songwriter, his relationship with the actress has overshadowed his career. 

So, shall we take a look at the music genius who is well-known as Paget Brewster's husband? 

Net Worth

Steve Damstra's net worth is estimated to be bout $11 million. Although he is not as easily recognized as his wife, he has amassed his fortune from his prolific music career as a composer and songwriter.

Steve Damstra and his wife, Paget Brewster.
Steve Damstra and his wife, Paget Brewster. (Source: Tuko News)

On the other hand, his famous wife, Paget is estimated to be worth about $9 million. She earned her wealth from her acting career. The couple has no worries about their financial situation and enjoys their fortune with 

Early Life and Childhood

Steve was born on September 21, 1981, in Concord, United States, with the zodiac sign of Virgo. He holds American nationality and is of Christian faith. His father is an American citizen while his mother is Dutch.

Steve lived with his parents and siblings. Steve grew up in the Grand Rapids area of Rockford, Michigan in a middle-class family. Artistic from a young age, he went to a nearby elementary school and ended up forming a band.  

Steve lived a pretty quiet lifestyle but was always traveling for gigs. As a member of an indie rock band, he was always going out to perform and watch other musicians. However, touring for months at a time did cause some disconnect for the young adult.

Steve And Paget's Wedding

As mentioned already, Steve Damstra is married to the American actress, Paget Brewster. The couple got engaged on March 17, 2013. Then, a year later, they got married on November 28, 2014. The relationship was quite a surprise for many as the couple is both very private people. 

Steve Damstra and his wife, Paget Brewster's wedding ceremony.
Steve Damstra and his wife, Paget Brewster's wedding ceremony.
(Source: Instagram@stevedamstra)

Further, Paget and Steve have a 12-year age gap, with Paget being the older one. At the time of their engagement, Paget was about forty-four years of age while Steve was thirty-three years of age. Nevertheless, the pair have been happily wed for about a decade and together for even more. 

They Met Through Their Mutual Friend 

If you are a fan of Paget, you know that Steve and Paget had a wingman, right? Well, they were introduced through their mutual friend, Matthew Gray Gobler. Steve's longtime friend, Matthew, was also a star on Criminal Minds. And so, The Dr. Spencer Reid actor became the one to introduce Steve to his future wife Paget Brewster.

Paget Brewster and Steve Damstra's mutual friend who officiated their wedding
Paget Brewster and Steve Damstra's mutual friend who officiated their wedding. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Matthew was also the one that officiated their wedding in 2014. And now, he remains a close family friend and co-worker. And the couple was also there to make an appearance on Matthew Gray Gobler's Youtube projects. However, sadly Matthew Gray chose to not appear in the Criminal Minds reboot.

Steve Was In The Band Whirlwind Heat

Many are not aware of the fact that Steve was once a member of the indie rock band called Whirlwind Heat. He was one of the founding members and played the Bass there. The band got together in 1996 when Steve was just sixteen years of age. 

The band played small gigs in Michigan for years till 2000, when they were discovered by American Musician Jack White and asked to record an album. Previously they only released a 45 in 1999. They released their first album in 2003 and enjoyed small-scale fame. But they had toured and headlined for Vinyl superstar Jack White previously since 2000.

Steve Damstra with his "Whirlwind Heat" bandmates.
Steve Damstra with his "Whirlwind Heat" bandmates, David James Swanson and Brad Holland. (Source: Guardian)

The band was credited for the members being very easy on the eyes but ultimately did not get great reviews. They were commented as 

wreaks havoc with just a bass, drums and a much-abused Moog synth. It is utterly delicious

They released four albums and a few EPs and singles. Ultimately, their last performance was in 2014. They appear to have disbanded with no public appearances as a group. The last music piece was released in 2008 with the indication that the band was no longer making new music together.

Later Career: Folded Light And Other Ventures

Steve writes music for TV shows, commercials, and jingles something he has done since his Whirlwind Heat days. After the band unofficially stopped with music, Steve joined Jaffe Zinn making up the Los Angeles-based band, Folded Light. They released their debut album in 2009 and are still making music together as a duo.

Steve Damstra and his band, Whirlwind Heat.
Steve Damstra and his band, Whirlwind Heat. (Source: Instagram)

They release intricately layered melodies, a sharp contrast to Whirlwind Heat's indie rock and noise. Folded Light recently released their new 2022 album called Generic Phrases. Steve has profited from his musical experiences and has worked to produce songs and compose music for various movies and TV series including Netflix.

Steve also has done some photography. But most of his work is displayed on his Instagram. He also did some photography with his former bandmate, David Swanson.

Let's Know More About Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster is a famous actress for her memorable roles in different movies. She is also known for her best role as Kathy on the fourth season of the NBC sitcom Friends. Similarly, Paget was born on March 10, Concord, United States, with the zodiac sign of Pisces. She holds an American nationality and follows the Christain religion. 

Brewster is also a cast member of the series from 2006 to 2012. She has earned millions of fans and followers, including good wealth, and has an estimated net worth of $9 million which she makes from her profession and successful career. Similarly, he enrolled at Parsons School of Design, made her first film debut, and dropped out of design school. 

Do Paget And Steve Have Kids?

Since it's been years since Steve and Paget got married, so you must be wondering if they have kids or not. The answer is no, the couple has not welcomed a child yet. But, they do keep their private life pretty hidden so this is not fact. 

Paget Brewster and Steve Damstra on their social media.
Paget Brewster and Steve Damstra on their social media. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, both, Paget nor Steve have ever talked about pregnancy and children. It seems that both of them are still focusing on their career and are not ready to welcome the child just yet. However, we do hope that we'll soon be able to see little Brewsters and Damstras.

Is Steve Available On Social Media?

Well, the good news is that Steve is indeed available on social media. However, he doesn't have much exposure and prominence on the platforms. 

On Instagram, Steve is active as @stevedamstra with just over 2k followers. Similarly, he is active on Twitter under the same username as @stevedamstra. Moreover, he has a comparatively better presence on the platform with over 5.8k followers. 

Body Measurements

The famous music composer Steve has always been a slim person. He also had to stay a lot of his younger days touring and making music.

He is a beautiful person and was once described by The Guardian as 'perilously handsome.' He is a brunette and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a European charm.

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