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Get to Know Stephnie Weir - Robert Dassie's Wife Who Married Twice

Published Fri Jun 18 2021 By sonalama
Get to Know Stephnie Weir - Robert Dassie's Wife Who Married Twice

Stephnie Weir is an actor, entertainer, and screenwriter from the United States. She became well-known for her hilarious impersonations of a variety of celebrities. She has also been on MADtv and in films such as Fun With Dick and Jane (2005) and The Other Side of the Tracks (2008).

On November 28, 1967, she was born in Texas, United States of America. She majored in theatre and television at Odessa College. She later went on to study anthropology and women's studies at Southern Illinois University.

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Professional Career

Weir's career began with appearances at the ImprovOlympic and the Goodman Theatre. She joined the ensemble of MADtv as a featured performer in 2000 and was later promoted to showrunner in 2005. She rose to fame by mimicking a variety of celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith, Mary-Kate Olsen, Angela Wright, Leona Campbell, Laura Bush, and others.

                                                 Stephnie Weir impersonating Leona Campbell in MADtv.                                                          Image Source: Pinterest

She also contributes to sitcoms like Raising Hope and The Millers as a writer and producer. Moreover,  She has a channel on YouTube called "WeirDass." Unsolved Mysteries, King of the Hill, Moonpie, Street riffs, and many others are among her television and film credits.

What's Her Net Worth?

Stephnie Weir has a net worth of $3 million, which she has amassed over the course of her professional career. She is a dynamic personality who has amassed a sizable fortune from her television and cinema performances. She appears to be living a rich and comfortable lifestyle at the moment.

Married or Single?

The actress Stephnie Weir is a married woman who has had two marriages. She married Sean Benjamin in 1989, but the couple divorced in 1995 owing to personal reasons. Following that, she began dating Robert Dassie, an actor, and writer. In 2001, the couple decided to marry and are now happily married. Despite this, the couple has yet to have a kid.

                                                          Stephnie Weir with her husband, Robert Dassie.                                                         Image Source: Steller

Husband- Robert Dassie

Robert Dassie is a writer, actor, and producer. In 2019, he wrote two episodes of New Looney Tunes and 19 episodes of the TV sitcom "Mr. Pickles." He has a long list of acting credits, including Ground Zero (2006), Cix (2009), and others. He also created and produced "Eleven-year Itch," a comedy short sketch that can be found on his wife's YouTube channel.

Low Profile

Weir is not active in any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has maintained a very private life and prefers to stay away from the media. Although she has a Twitter account, it seems that she rarely uses it and hasn't updated much about herself there.

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