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About Stephanie Hayden That You Must Know | Abused By Her Own Father and More

Published Wed Nov 25 2020 By Aashika
About Stephanie Hayden That You Must Know | Abused By Her Own Father and More

Stephanie Hayden is a businesswoman and actress who is famous for appearing in the reality show, 'Sons of Guns'. She is also known as the daughter of William "Will" Hayden, is a gunsmith, and the owner of Red Jacket Firearms. 

She was born to Will Hayden and his wife Rachael Hayden in Louisiana in 1986. She has completed her high-level education and continued going to her father's company. 

To know more facts about Hayden; 

How Much Does Hayden Have Net Worth?

Stephanie Hayden has an approximated net worth of $1 million. She makes her income from her family business where she serves as an office manager. 

Besides it, she is also an expert on firearms and works with Voice of the Wetland. It is a volunteer group dedicated to the preservation of the wetlands in Southern Louisiana. 

Stephanie Hayden in the reality show 'Sons of Guns'. 
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Living a Happy Married Life 

Hayden has been enjoying her married life with Kris Ford since 2010. The couple met at Red Jacket Firearms LLC where Ford is working as a firearms expert and production manager. They have also appeared in the show, 'Sons of Guns'. Both the pairs are staying blissful with two children. 

A picture with husband Kris Ford, posing with guns. 
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Has Three Children

The gun shooter is the mother of three, a son from her previous marriage and two children from her second husband. She has not revealed the information about her children and keeps them away from the limelight. 


In 2014, Stephanie and her husband were charged with child abuse and violence against her's first son. It was reported that Ford was using his leather belt on his stepson, leaving a heavy bruise. 

Despite having in the same room, Hayden was just stood and watched without attempting to stop. They were arrested and now they have been released. 

Previous Relationship

Before starting conjugal life with Ford, she was wedded to a man whose name was Williams Scoot. Aside from the name, there are no details about their life. But they couldn't make their marriage so far and separated whereas the two share a son. 

Gun Shooter and Other Interest 

From age 5, Hayden started learning gunshots from her dad. She has trained properly from Will and became the list of woman shooters. One of the favorite guns is the RJF-built suppressed AK-47. Nevertheless, she is a rock climber, photographer, and horse riding. 

Stephanie Hayden's posing with a gun Ak-47 which is manufactured by RJF. 
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Abuse By Her Own Father 

Will Hayden has been arrested many times in the case of rape. On August 11, 2014, he got surrendered in the charge of molestation of a juvenile and aggravated crimes against nature. After the sexual assault scandal, his show shutout and closed by a Discovery Channel Tv.  

In fact, when Stephie was 12 years, Mr. Hayden came into her room when she was alone and asked for a hug, kisses. After that, he started pinching and pulling clothes off. These statements were confronted in the interview with Dr.Phil.

Father William "Will" Hayden in jail for a rape case. 
Image Source: The Advocate

Pet Lover

Kris Ford's wife is a pet lover and has one pet. Her dog name is Rufus whereas he belongs to the American Staffordshire Terrier dog breed. She usually shares pictures on her Instagram account.

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