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Stephanie Gosk - Jenna Wolfe's Partner Since 2013

Published Mon Aug 02 2021 By Kri
Stephanie Gosk - Jenna Wolfe's Partner Since 2013

Stephanie Gosk is a popular journalist and a news correspondent. She was born on 17th April 1972 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

She works on an NBC news network based in New York. Gosk has also contributed to various NBC's programs: "NBCNightly News", "MSNBC" and "Today". Gosk came out as a lesbian on national television in the year 2013.


The starting of the career of Gosk was through the position of off-air news producer and desk assistant in the ABC news network. She joined NBC in the year 2006 as a foreign correspondent based in London.

She also worked as a news producer for the NBC news network based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stephanie Gosk in NBC

Stephanie had a breakthrough in her career when she got a chance to fill the breaking news for the 2000 presidential election in America. She is currently a news reporter and correspondent. 

Aside from her news host career, she has also appeared in American Reality TV; Iron Chef America as a judge.

Net Worth And Salary

Stephanie Gosk has an estimated net worth of $2 million. According to Paysa, the correspondent at NBC has an average salary of $105,353. The salary may vary from $96,726 to $113,200. 

Gosk seems to earn a handsome amount of wealth through her career as a journalist in the news network NBC. She earns her salary in between the mentioned figures above. 

Gosk's Lesbian Partner And Children

Stephanie Gosk along with her Jamaican journalist Jenna Wolfe of NBC came out together as a lesbian couple in the year 2013. They revealed to have been dating for three years as of 2013 and are happily engaged to each other. However, they are yet to get married.

Stephanie Gosk and her partner Jenna Wolfe
Source: Instagram/ @jennawolfe

They first met through their work as their field of expertise is the same. They shared that they managed to remain together despite their busy schedule as they understand each other's work-life being in the same field.

In the same year, they announced their relationship they had a beautiful daughter Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk.

Two years prior to the birth of their first daughter they again had a baby girl Quinn Lili Wolfeld-Gosk. 

Stephanie Gosk and Jenna Gosk with their two beautiful daughters
Source: Instagram/ @jennawolfe

They agreed to an anonymous sperm donor and Jenna went through insemination and gave birth to their beautiful child.

They revealed that they are already with every detail and plan for their marriage, however, they were yet to fix a date for their marriage. 

Their pregnancy announcement sparked everyone and are lining happily as a complete pack with their two daughters.

Some Facts About her

Stephanie Gosk is a fitness lover and likes to maintain and keep her body in shape.

She is very enthusiastic about sports.

The couple played rock paper scissors to find out who would get pregnant with the baby and Jenna won 34 to 31.

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