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Get To Know Stella Irene August Aykroyd - Actor Dan Aykroyd & Donna Lynn Dixon's Daughter

Published Mon Feb 17 2020 By Akki
Get To Know Stella Irene August Aykroyd - Actor Dan Aykroyd & Donna Lynn Dixon's Daughter

The celebrity kid, Stella Irene August Aykroyd aka Stella Aykroyd is the youngest daughter of the Oscar Award Nominee Canadian actor, writer, and background score, Dan Aykroyd and his actress wife, Donna Lynn Dixon. She was born on April 5, 1998, and weighs 6 Ibs at the time of birth.

Her first name 'Stella' is a Latin origin name which means 'Star'. Likewise, her second name Irene is a Greek word, which means 'Peace'. Similarly, her third name 'August' is the variation of a Latin word Augustus, which means 'great or magnificent'.

Parents Net Worth

The little Aykroyd parents hold a combined net worth of $185 million, where her mother Donna Dixon has $5 million worth fortune. Dixon's career as an actress and model helped her to amass such a massive bank balance. 

Her outstanding performance can be seen in movies like; Spies Like Us (1985), Wayne's World (1992), and Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983).

A picture of Donna Dixon and her husband Dan Aykroyd.
Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd posing for a photo.
Image Source: Contact Music

Likewise, Stella's father, Dan Aykroyd is also a multi-talented actor, screenwriter, and entrepreneur with a tremendous net worth of $180 million. He is the writer of the blockbuster Ghostbusters film franchise, which has a total box office collection of $739 million worldwide.  

Additionally, Dan is also a co-owner of the vodka company 'Crystal Head Vodka', which he and John Alexander launched with $600,000. 

The business runs so smoothly that the company started to make a huge profit of $50 million yearly in 2011. The company sells a triple-distilled vodka in human skill shaped distinctive crystal containers.

Parents Relationship

Stella Aykroyd's parent's interesting love story started with their first interaction in the set of Doctor Detroit. Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd co-starred from the movie, where Mr. Akyroyd displayed the role of Clifford Skridlow and Dixon projected Monica McNeil's character. The chemistry between the lovebirds blooms as they fell comfort working together.

The couple married on 29 April 1983, the same year movie released. Following the marriage, the pair have gave birth to four beautiful children.

A family photo of Dan Aykroyd.

Prior to the duo's marriage, Dan was reported to be in a romantic relationship with an actress Carrie Fisher. The lovebirds get engaged as he proposed her in 1980 The Blues Brothers film set. The two relationships ended as she patched up with her former boyfriend Paul Simon.


Stella Irene has three siblings; Danielle Alexandra Aykroyd, Vera Sola, and Belle Kingston Aykroyd. Belle is also an elder sister of Stella, born to her parents on June 9, 1993.  Likewise, Danielle and Vera are an older sister of her, born as the twin daughter to Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon on November 18, 1989. 

Both twins sisters are Harvard University graduate and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Vera is a versatile singer and multi-instrumentalist, whereas Danielle is working on her acting career.

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