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About Sophia Beverly With Pictures - Former Girlfriend of Dan Bilzerian Who is a Model

Published Thu Dec 24 2020 By Aashika
About Sophia Beverly With Pictures - Former Girlfriend of Dan Bilzerian Who is a Model

Sophia Beverly is a model and social media personality who is an Instagram star. She grabbed the attention of the media and the public after being in a relationship with Dan Bilzerian. 

She was born on 26th April 1996, in Florida, United States. Beverly grew up in her hometown and completed her education at South Fort Myres High School and Florida International University. 

Let's dig at some facts about model Beverly. 

How Much Is Net Worth and Earning?

Sofia Beverly has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand which she managed to amass as a model. She is famous as a lingerie and swimsuit model. Her average annual salary is more than $66,000. 

The model has worked with many brands and magazines like Twisted HillBilly Magazine.  

Relationship and Dating

The gorgeous model was previously dating Daniel Brandon Bilzerian aka "Dan". Her former boyfriend is a renowned actor, businessman, and amateur poker player.  

They met for the first time at a marquee pool party in 2017. Then the duo dated for almost 9 months where they also went for a vacation. After that, they called it off due to Brandon's playboy nature. 

Sofia Beverly and her ex-boyfriend Daniel Brandon Bilzerian aka "Dan". on vacation pictures.
Image Source: Instagram

Age Different from Ex-Boyfriend

Beverly and Bilzerian's age difference is around 16 years. Though, they were together for almost a year. As we know that in love there is no matter of age, color, class, and religion. Many couples in this world have love elder people and enjoying their life together. Whereas some people critics, the couple by their narrow mind. 

Fitness Freak

Being a model, Sofia is very concerned about her body. She has a seductive body figure for which she does regular exercise and diets. On the Instagram account, she posts some pictures and videos which she took at the gym hall with her curved body.

A picture of Beverly in the gym hall. 
Image Source: Instagram


'Twisted HillBilly Magazine' model is obsessed with exploring the world. She visits different places and wants to know about their culture and lifestyle. She is an adventurous traveler which we can see on her social sites picture with a Shark on the sea.  

Sofia Beverly shared a picture with a shark in the sea.
Image Source: Instagram  

Social Activists 

Dan's former girlfriend is crazy about animals. In fact, she is a supporter of an organization called "Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation". The organization rescues abuse and neglected animal and provide needs of them.

Breast Enhance Surgery

If looking at the pictures of Beverly, there you can find differences in the size of the breast. As a model, she has increased the breast by taking injections which have made her hotter in the photos. 

After and Before breast enhances pictures.
Image Source: Instagram 

Social Media Personality

Sofia Beverly is an active social influencer as a model. She has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. On her account, she endorses the product such as Ko watches, Bang, and many more. 

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