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Get to Know Sonora Cooper - Musician Alice Cooper & Choreographer Sheryl Goddard's Youngest Daughter

Published Sat Feb 29 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Sonora Cooper - Musician Alice Cooper & Choreographer Sheryl Goddard's Youngest Daughter

The celebrity kid, Sonora 'Rose' Cooper is best known as the daughter of the American singer-songwriter, Vincent Damon Furnier aka Alice Cooper with Sheryl Goddard, a ballerina instructor & choreographer. She is the youngest child of the Copper family born in 1992 in the United States. 

The name 'Sonora' is a Spanish word, which means Pleasant Sounding. The name also represents the Mexican state with 2.8+ million population. The name 'Rose' is a Latin feminine name, which referred to the flower.

Parents Net Worth

Sonora's father, Alice Cooper has an estimated net worth of $40 million accumulated from his various ventures. He is a multi-talented musician, restaurateur, and actor, and a pioneer to heavy metal music. He is also a former member of the American rock band 'Alice Cooper', disbanded in 1975.

A picture of Alice Cooper.
Alice Cooper firing the stage.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

The band was formed in 1964 in Phoenix, Arizona‎ and has given single hit like; Poison, School's Out, and Billion Dollar Babies. Further, he had a cameo in ‘Wayne’s World’, which accumulate $183.09 million. Additionally, he also generates a good sum from his barbecue restaurant Cooper’s Town running since 1998.

Sonora's mother, Sheryl Goddard has a net worth of $1 million from her dancing career. She had performed in the music concerts of the 'Alice Cooper' band. She has also featured in band TV movies like; Welcome to My Nightmare (1975) and The Nightmare (1975).

Parents Relationship 

Sonora's parents met in the '70s as Sheryl used to work as a background dancer for Alice Cooper band shows. The couple exchanges the vows on March 20, 1976, and shares, three children, together. 

Alice and his wife Sheryl taking a photo.
Alice and his wife Sheryl posing for a photo.
Image Source: AZ Central

In an interview with Guardian, Alice Copper opened up about his secrecy behind his strong bond. He stated to be a one-woman man and has never cheated on his wife. According to his statement, one who loves you never do things that gonna hurt your feeling.


Sonora has two siblings; Dashiell Cooper and Calico Cooper. Calico was born on May 19, 1981, in Beverly Hills, California. Like, father, she is also a musician, actor, model, and producer, who has a cameo in action series Hawaii Five-0. She is married to Jed Williams on October 3, 2015, in Maui, Hawaii.

A family photo of Alice Cooper.
Alice and Sheryl with their daughter.
Image Source: Getty Images

Dashiell is Alice's son with Sheryl Cooper, born in 1985 in the United States. He has also joined his elder sister Calico and father as a musician. He is a lead singer of the CO-OP band based in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Alice's daughter Sonora is no more single, she is bound to legal paper and states as Mrs.Diego Diaz. The couple tied the knot on September 29, 2018, after getting parents' approval. Diego works as a freelance audio engineer and music producer since 2012. He studied at CRAS-Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences to hone his music talent.

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