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Sofia Abramovich – Roman Abramovich’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Irina Malandina

Published Thu Aug 08 2019 By DGM
Sofia Abramovich – Roman Abramovich’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Irina Malandina

Sofia Abramovich is the daughter of the owner of the Chelsea F.C. Roman Abramovich with his ex-wife Irina Malandina. She was born in 1995 and is the third eldest child of the billionaire.

The name 'Sofia' is a girl's name derived from Greek origin and means wisdom. So, her name probably means that she is a wise girl.

How Much Is Sofia Worth?

In 2019, Sofia Abramovich's fortune is estimated at around $4 million which she has amassed from her career as professional horse show-jumper. 

The majority of her net worth comes from her billionaire father as she is his second daughter. She has bee showered by huge amount of money from her eminent father.

Parents' Net Worth

The millionaire lady comes from a very very rich family. Her father, Roman is a famous Israeli-Russian billionaire has a thrilling net worth of $15.1 billion which he amasses from all of the businesses that he is involved in. 

Sofia Abramovich's mother, Irina is a millionaire and a former stewardess who is worth $232 million. She achieved such an impressive number from her ex-husband after having $300 million for divorce settlement. Minority of the money that she owns are from her previous profession as a stewardess.

A picture of Sofia Abramovich in ravishing red dress.
Sofia Abramovich in ravishing red dress.

Parents' Relationship

Sofia's parents have splitted for over a decade now and aren't together anymore. The estranged couple married in 1991 and share five children as the symbol of their relationship. 

Unfortunately, things didn't work as expected for them so they had to put an end to their relationship of 16 years in 2007. Despite their separation, both come together as parents when it comes to taking care of their kids setting an excellent example of coming together as family.


The 24 years old Sofia is the sister of her six siblings from which four are full siblings and the rest two are half-siblings. Her full siblings include Anna Abramovich, Arkadiy Abramovich, Arina Abramovich, and IIya Abramovich whereas Leah Lou Abramovich and Aaron Alexandar Abramovich are her half-siblings which are from her father with his ex-wife Dasha Zhukova.

A picture of Sofia with her parents and two siblings; Arkadiy and Anna.
Sofia Abramovich with her parents and two siblings; Arkadiy and Anna.

Professional Horse Show-jumper

Besides dogs, Sofia loves horses too and even is an active participant of several horse showjumping contests. She has been incredibly successful to take many prizes home by winning such competitions. 

Abramovich currently owns four horses whom she has named Dora, Zara, Percy, and Zanzi that participate in showjumping tournaments. Being successful in her  profession, she has even represented Russia in international platforms of such competitions.

Dog Lover 

Irina's daughter Sofia Abramovich is a dog lover and has deep love for dogs. She owns two dogs; a terrier and a Dachshund who very often keep appearing on her Instagram. It is obvious to say that the furry animals are having a sweet life living with her.

Living a Lavish Life

Sofia Abramovich loves to travel the finest places on Earth with the whopping fortune she holds. She has traveled beautiful countries like Maldives and France. 

Sofia has clicked some of the best pictures of her flaunting her gorgeous body in every places that she has traveled. She is surely living a lavish life with all the current assets that she holds. Whether it be partying every weekend or wearing expensive clothes and jewelries, she doesn't lag behind at any.

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