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Sodapoppin's Net Worth of $7 Million

Published Wed May 18 2022 By chanel
Sodapoppin's Net Worth of $7 Million

Sodapoppin is an American Twitch streamer and online celebrity most renowned for his World of Warcraft abilities. His birth name is Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV. 

Morris migrated from Xfire to Twitch in 2012 and began broadcasting. He is now one of the top 20 most followed broadcasters on the platform. 

Net Worth

Sodapoppin has an estimated net worth of $7 million. He earns between $2,000 and $3,000 every day. He recently purchased a brand new Porsche 911 GT3 which also adds to his assets.

Sodapoppin in his Porsche 911 GT3 (Source: Youtube)

Sodapoppin is also an advisor and member of the ownership group of NRG Esports, an eSports business that owns a substantial share of his money. His earnings from Twitch and YouTube should total roughly $600,000 per year.

Earning from Twitch

Sodapoppin has over 8.8 million Twitch followers and makes over $1,100 each day. Well, he makes $37,000 each month and $460,000 annually. Twitch Partners and Affiliates earn half of the overall membership charge, therefore for the $4.99 tier, the streamer gets about $2.50 per subscriber.

Sodapoppin and his setup (Source: His Instagram)

Twitch has been known to boost this amount for prominent broadcasters in order to encourage them to stay on the site, with some streamers receiving upgrades ranging from 60% to 100% of the monthly price.

Earning from Youtube

Morris has over 1.1 million followers and 1.5 million monthly views on YouTube, which might translate to $5-$6k in monthly profits. However, given that he consistently receives over a million views every month, he should be making around $60 to $70k per year.

Youtube channels get compensated for every 1000 views. In the gaming niche, producers often earn $2-7 CPM, which means they are paid $2-7 for 1000 views on their channel.


Sodapoppin has its own website, as well as a line of products and merchandise that goes by the name of OFFICIAL SODAPOPPIN MERCH

T-shirts and other apparel, wall art/posters, and other types of general merchandising are among the featured items. His goods sales are anticipated to bring in roughly $1,500 each month.

Sponsorship and Ads 

Chance used to offer partnered streams with many gambling services, most notably, during his gambling-streaming days. Streamers get roughly $10-20 CPM when they broadcast advertising on Twitch, depending on their contracts. When the ad runs, they will receive $10-20 for every 1000 watchers on the stream.

Sodapoppin rocking a black sunglass (Source: His Instagram)

Last month, Sodapoppin was streamed for roughly 234 hours, with an average audience of 18,566. He would make $86,580 per month from advertisements if he ran an ad twice an hour at a $10 CPM.

Bits and Donation

A streamer is paid $0.01 for every bit they get. He also gets money via Twitch Bit Donations, with his top ten-bit donations totaling 3150 bits, or $31.5, in the last month. He is believed to have received roughly $200 in monthly bits contributions.

His Top 10 donations netted him $445 in the last month. This is likely roughly 20% of his overall donations, implying that he receives around $2,225 every month in donations.

Brand Deals

Sodapoppin is sponsored by Artesian Builds, Displate, and Naraka Bladepoint, according to his Twitch page.

Due to his high average audience and streaming hours, these advertisers are likely paying him between $25,000 and $40,000 each month.

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