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Get to Know Skylar Lynnae Neil - Late Daughter of Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell

Published Thu Jan 02 2020 By Samana
Get to Know Skylar Lynnae Neil - Late Daughter of Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell

Skylar Lynnae Neil was the celebrity baby girl born to the famous Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell in 26th March, 1991. Skylar sadly passed away in 15th August, 1995, only five years after she was brought into this world. 

The name "Skyler" means "Eternal Life and Strength". 

The name "Lynnae" means "Lime or Linden Tree". 

Cause Of Death

Being born a fighter who had a long and harsh fight with the deathly disease cancer, the first and the last five years of baby Skylar was really tough. She has to go through many hospital sessions and other treatment sessions when she should have been on her feet, playing with her friends and family. 

Even though she did not live a long life, she spread joy and as a fighter, inspired many people around her.

A picture of Skylar Lynnae with her parents.
Skylar Lynnae Neil battled cancer since her birth.
Image Source: Watt Pad


Skyler Neil was the eldest child of Vince Neil and Sharise Rudell. She has two half siblings. Her first half sibling is Neil Jason Wharton and he was born on 3rd October 1978. Her youngest half sibling is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and she was born on 29 October 1983. Sky's two siblings are obviously vry upset that they did not get to meet their elder sister.

Father Founded Skylar Neil Memorial Fund

This particular foundation was founded by Vince Neil in memory of his first every daughter who did not get to live her beautiful life. Skylar Neil Memorial Fund helps raise awareness to many people about the different illness babies could be born with. 

This foundation also helps with the funding for different children's diseases. They also donate money to other foundations and hosts charity event to raise money for the cancer treatment of young children.

Parents Net Worth

Skylar Lynnae's father, Vince Neil has the massive net worth of $50 million. He accumulated his riches from his career as a singer and a rockstar. He is famous for his band Motley Crue, of which he is a main vocalist. 

Skylar's mother, Sharise Ruddell, has the net worth of $5 million. She accumulated her riches through her career as a model. 

Parents Relationship

Skyler's mother, Sharise Rudell was her father Vince's second wife. He had divorced his previous wife in 1885 and had met Sharise around that time. After two years in April 1987, Vince and Sharise got married and started to live their life with each other. Their marriage had many ups and downs ups being Vince being happy and buying Sharise expensive cars and designer bags and the downs being Vince's relationship with drugs. 

A picture of Skylar's parents; Vince Neil and Sharise Rudell.
Skylar's parents; Vince Neil and Sharise Rudell.
Image Source:  Getty Images

After they had Skyler, things took turn for the worse and the couple had to opt for divorce, which was an easy way out. They did not really cut off ties as their baby was suffering from cancer. 

After her demise though, they cut each other from their life. While being asked about this, Sharise bluntly said that their daughter had died so they had no more obligation to talk to one another anymore.

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