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Poppy Harlow's Husband is a Journalist and Finance Manager

Published Sat Mar 13 2021 By riya
Poppy Harlow's Husband is a Journalist and Finance Manager

Sinisa Babcic is a successful finance manager and a journalist. He came into the limelight after he got married to Poppy Harlow. He is extremely favored and loved for his great work in his career.

Sinisa works as the Wealth Management Business Consulting Leader for the EY US Wealth Management Consulting business. He works with the top listed finance management systems. He has a net worth of over $4 million together with his wife.

Who is Sinisa Babcic Married to? Does he have kids? 

Babcic was not much into the limelight until he married Poppy Harlow. Poppy is an American journalist at CNN, HLN, and many other cable stations.

There must be a question on everyone's mind on how did they meet? Since Poppy was assigned as a reporter for financial news, and he being an extremely hardworking and excellent finance manager, it's obvious that they meet.

They met and lighted each other's life by coming into it. Years after their love affair, they got married on the 1st of September, 2012. They made a good couple. The couple has two elegant children.

4 years after their marriage, a cute Lil princess came into their lives and made it more bright and happy. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, on the 11th of April 2011. The romantic couple named their child Sienna.

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The heavenly-made couple's second child was a baby boy who came into this beautiful world on the 6th of  February, 2018. Just 2 years after their first child. They named the baby boy Luca.

Babcic Family
Babcic Family

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Sienna, their daughter, is 4 years old now. Whereas Luca, baby boy, is 3 years old as of 2021.

The Babcic family is living a pleased life together. Sinisa and Poppy are leading a very happy, healthy, and wealthy life. They have a total of over $4 Million together.