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Lawyer Sheryl Wilbon - Michael Wilbon's Wife

Published Wed Dec 22 2021 By aayush
Lawyer Sheryl Wilbon - Michael Wilbon's Wife

Sheryl Wilbon is a an American Lawyer. She is also widely known as the wife of Michael Wilbon who is famous as a former sports commentator and sportswriter of The Washington Post.

Mrs.Wilbon was born in Washington D.C., the USA in 1965.

Mrs.Wilbon's Childhood

Sheryl was born in Washinton D.C but the whereabouts and names of her parents are kept away from the public by Sheryl.

Sheryl Wilbon in public. Source: Bio Gossip

She does not talk about her family matters out in the spotlight. She likes to keep those things private for herself. Her siblings haven't been spotted in the spotlight either. Sheryl is one of those people who don't like to talk about their private life.

Wilbon got her degree in Law in 1992 from Duke University in Durham, Carolina. She attended Virginia University to study Foreign Affairs. 

Sheryl Wilbon's Professional Career

Wilbon finished her studies and went for her law practice for several years and successfully became a lawyer. She became a renowned lawyer within a short period of time. 

She took her cases very well her clients were never disappointed with the points that Sheryl focused on.

Sheryl Wilbon and Michael Wilbon. source: Home & Design Magazine 

Although she was a renowned lawyer, she did not go along with her professional career as a lawyer. She got married to Michael Wilbon in 1997 and left her career as a lawyer.

After getting married to the former sports commentator and sportswriter, Sheryl now thought of taking care of her family keeping all rest of the things aside.

Wilbon Family

After getting married on 9 April 1997. The couple, Michael Wilbon and Sheryl Wilbon were blessed with a son on 26th March 2008. Their son, Matthew Raymond Wilbon is now 13 years old and studying in high school.

Sheryl Wilbon, Michael Wilbon and their son. source: Celebrity biography, gossip, lifestyle and relationship

The family is now living happily without any signs of the couple getting divorced.

Sheryl's Net-Worth

After all the work she has done as a lawyer Sheryl has managed to earn some hefty sum of money. The former lawyer Sheryl Wilbon is worth $1.5million dollars. 

On the other end, her husband Michael Wilbon is estimated to be worth $16million dollars. And earns a standard of $6million yearly.

Although Sheryl's net worth is estimated to be $1.5million dollar she has not publicly disclosed her sources of earning. 

The Former Lawyer's Personal Life

Wilbon's personal life is kept very much personal and secretive from the public by her. Being a celebrity and a public figure she does not have an official Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page. 

She does not have any controversy as she is preoccupied with other things in life.