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Shannon Gunz - American Radio Host's Sad Past and and New Life

Published Wed Aug 11 2021 By Kri
Shannon Gunz -  American Radio Host's Sad Past and and New Life

Shannon Gunz born on 8th July 1984, is an American radio host working with the American satellite radio Sirius XM from 2006. She has been featured in various radio programs like Faction and Ozzy Boneyard. 

The radio host is an avid fan of punk, hard rock, metal, and sports. She has been actively working for over a decade in radio stations and is very proud of herself for coming this far with her career.

What Is The Net Worth Of Shannon?

Shannon Gunz, a dedicated woman towards her work has an estimated net worth of $400,000. The main source of her earnings is from her career as a radio host. She is not involved in any other business. She also doesn't plan on switching her job as she is very satisfied with the job she does right now.

Shannon Gunz during her trip to Rome
Source: Instagram/@shannongunz

She has had many chances to interview many popular personalities and music icons. Some of the great personalities she interviewed are Jacob Shaddix, Brent Smith, and Taylor Momsen. 

SShannonahnnon Gunz during her radio show
Source: Instagram/@shannongunz

She can be seen enjoying her life going on vacations and experiencing new things through her Instagram. She has uploaded many travel posts to her Instagram account through which it can be assumed that she is earning enough and living a great life.

Husband Died in Bike Accident

In an Unfortunate Event in 2018, Shannon Gunz's husband Kato Khandwala, a producer, engineer, mixer, and songwriter died in a motorcycle accident. However, Shannon moved on from this tragic relationship and is now happily married to a very well-known musician Chad Gray.

Relationship With Chad Grey

Chad Gray is an American singer and songwriter and a lead vocalist of the heavy-metal band Mudvayne. Shannon is happily married to the American metal singer. She is an actual fan of Chad Gray and adores him for his personality. 

Shannon Gunz and Chad Gray during their marriage ceremony
Source: Instagram/ @shannongunz

The couple got married beside Lake Havasu. Shannon thanked her husband for marrying her in her favorite place. She showcases her love for her husband through her social media account. 

Trivia to Shannon Gunz

She has a pet dog named Milly.

She is a native of Arizona.

She likes traveling and has traveled to different parts of the world.

She frequently posts pictures with her mother and father on social media as she is very close to her family.

She is a Dodgers fan.

She has not completed her college degree to focus more on her radio host career.

She loves climbing up hills just to get a view of sunrise and sunset.

She enjoys attending concerts.

She also likes to go and listen to stand-up comedies in local bars.

She likes to drink very much as often goes out for drinks. 

She likes to do lifts and enjoys her gym time.

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