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Shannon Elizabeth's Massive Net Worth - Find Out Her Properties and Biggest Income

Published Fri Jun 11 2021 By Aashika
Shannon Elizabeth's Massive Net Worth - Find Out Her Properties and Biggest Income

Shannon Elizabeth has a whooping amount net worth which is estimated at around $7 million. She has been earning an impressive amount from her successful acting career. 

Furthermore, she also increases a considerable amount as a poker player. Elizabeth has made some income as a fashion model. Not only by appearing in front of the camera, but she also works as a spokesperson and endorses the products. 

Have a look at the below passages to know-how she makes her income. 

Earning From Acting 

Shannon Elizabeth has been making hefty of worth from her acting career. In 1996, she made her first debut in the television industry from the series "Arliss" as Anya Slovachek. After that, the actress got signed for numerous series and movies. 

Her outstanding acting skills can be seen on "American Pie", "American Reunion", "Thirteen Ghosts", "Scary Movie", "Tomcats", "Just Shoot Me!", and so on. She has appeared in reality shows such as "Dancing with the Stars" season 6 whereas on the seventh week she got eliminated. 

Shannon Away in the movie "Swing Away" with co-stars John O'Hurley and Manos Gavras.
Image Source: Queen Gazette

Income As A Poker 

"The Outsider" actress is one of the leading celebrity poker players and has earned a huge amount. She often visits Las Vegas Valley to participate in poker games with top players.  

She has played in the Main Event of the "2005 Wold Series of Poker".She won $55,000 in a special tournament which was opened at Caesars Palace hotel in 2006, beating out 83 celebrities and poker professionals. Moreover, has cashed four times in the World Series of Poker in 2006 and 2007. In the same year 2007, she reached to semi-finals of the NBC National Head-Up Poker Championship. 

Shannon Elizabeth playing poker for "Doykles Room_Net".
Image Source: Wicked Chops Poker

Sold Properties

In 2001, Shannon Elizabeth bought a luxurious house in LA's Los Feliz neighborhood. For the mansion, she dropped $1.425 million which contains five bedrooms and four bedrooms, a massive state-of-the-art kitchen, a swimming pool, and many more.

It was listed on the market in August 2012 for $3 million which didn't sell. Then again in June 2014, she kept for sale for $2.8 million. Finally, in 2019, her lavish home sold for $4.5 million which made a $3.075 million profit than she purchase. 

Shannon Elizabeth's house in the Los Feliz neighborhood.
Image Source: Variety

As A Social Activist

We know how Shannon Elizabeth has been evolving in the charity organization mainly for animals. In fact, she and her former husband, Joseph D. Reitman have founded "Animal Avenger", a non-profit animal rescue organization. 

It has been helping animals to rescue and finding a home for homeless pets, reducing pet overpopulation, promoting responsible pet guardianship, and preventing animal cruelty. 

For the foundation, many organization such as Bodog has helped to raise for the fund, in fact, they donated over $50,000 on 8th October 2005.  

The actress also worked for Farm Sanctuary and became the spokesperson for a "Adopt a Turkey Program" which was organized for urging people to adopt a turkey instead of eating one for Thanksgiving. Currently, she has become a member of "Poached Rhino", to raise awareness about rhino poaching. 

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