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Get to Know Shannon Boykin - Late Christopher Boykin's Ex-Wife and Mother of His Daughter

Published Fri Nov 13 2020 By pratikshya
Get to Know Shannon Boykin - Late Christopher Boykin's Ex-Wife and Mother of His Daughter

Shannon Boykin came into the limelight as the ex-wife of a late actor and musician Christopher Boykin. Her then-husband was an actor who was known as Big Black, Chris B, and BB from the show 'Rob & Big'. 

She was born in 1980, in California, in the United States of America. Her mother is Sonja Harnisch Turley. 

Let's get to know more about Boykin:

What's Her Net worth? 

Shannon Boykin holds an estimated net worth of $3 million. Even though she kept her professional information under the curtain. But has received a huge amount of net worth from her ex-husband's demise. 

Her net worth includes an amount from Christopher Boykin's television shows, videogame series, still-Fledgling security business 'Big Black Security', and Celebrity Clothing Line. 

One Year of Marriage Life 

Shannon Boykin got married to a famous TV personality Christopher Boykin. The couple dated throughout "Rob & Big" shows for many years and tied a knot in 2008. The wedding was a private ceremony that was reportedly attended by many renowned celebrities of the entrainment industry.

However, their marriage couldn't go too long and the pair separated after a year in 2009. 

Shannon Boykin with former husband Christopher Boykin. 
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

Is A Single Mother         

Before marrying Boykin, she already was a mother of a 1 years old daughter, Isis Rea Boykin in February 2007. She was pregnant during the show "Rob & Big". 

Her daughter was only 9 years when an actor died, Isis could not able to spend more time with him. Though the parents were divorced, she was very closed to both. After the tragic phase, both mother and daughter are leaving alone.

A family picture with ex-husband and daughter Isis Rae Boykin.
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Reason for Christopher Boykin  Death 

Shannon suffered from the tragic death of Christopher Boykin. After getting split also they were living together because of his worsening health. He had a defibrillator implant for his heart and was hospitalized in Plano, Texas. The musician was living with a heart monitor support system. On 9th May 2017, he passes away at 4:00 P.M. due to a heart attack. 

Lavish House 

She was fortunate to receive the assets of late former-husband Boykin. The actor has left his lavishing houses worth $134,900 which is situated in Raleigh, Mississippi. 

Car Collection

Shannon's ex-husband has several car collections which including Dodge Durango holds prices of $23,571, Dodge Challenger worth $34,995, and Ford Pinto prices $2,062. 

Christopher Boykin's cars. 
Image Source: Myspace

Low profile 

Apart from her ex-husband limelight, Mrs. Boykin has chosen to keep her other information disclosed. She maintains to have a low profile personality even not in any social media account. She is enjoying her life with her daughter with the memories of the late actor.

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