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Get to Know Shannon Amos – Daughter of John Amos and Noel J. Mickelson

Published Mon Apr 20 2020 By Samana
Get to Know Shannon Amos – Daughter of John Amos and Noel J. Mickelson

Shannon Amos is a writer and a producer who is also the celebrity baby of the famous actor John Amos and the famous artist Noel J. Mickelson. She was born and raised in New Jersey.

The name "Shannon" is an Irish name and in the language, it is an anglicized from the word "Sionainn". 

Net Worth of $7 Million

Shannon Amos has the whopping net worth of $7 million. She is a hardworking woman and earned her worth through her former career as a writer and a producer. 

Sibling - Kelly Christopher Amos

Shannon has a younger sibling named Kelly Christopher Amos. Kelly Christopher followed his father and his elder sister's footsteps to the entertainment industry. He actually is a director, actor and a producer. Shannon and Kelly are very close and since they had a lot of things in common since their childhood, their bond has always been an unbreakable one.

Shannon's father and her younger brother, kelly.
Shannon's father and her younger brother, Kelly.
Image Source: Instagram/officialjohnamos

Relationship and Kids

Shannon grew up in a very famous family with her father, John Amos, being a very popular actor, so she was always exposed to the public. Every time anything happened to her or her family, the public would know too. She never got to have a private life and now that she is a wife and a mother of one, she has decided to keep her private life hidden from the public view. 

Shannon and her father spending some quality time together.
Shannon and her father spending some quality time together.
Image Source: Amomama

Respecting her decision about keeping her husband and her child hidden, it is safe for us to say that she is an amazing wife and a mother. The three super trio lives in California.

Quit Her Job to Travel the World

Shannon has always been spiritual and believes in the universe. So when she felt that the universe was calling her, she took off. She quit her job to go to many Asian and African countries to know more about their cultures and to help the people in need. This shows us that she has a very big heart and she does not hesitate to give back to the world. She has documented some of her adventures in her YouTube channel, giving a glimpse on how she was spending her time.

She Almost Died in Uganda

Thee mother of one has never only spoken about the good things about travelling solo, but also has talked quite a bit about the bad sides. Bad sides of her being her near death experience in the Nile River. She was water rafting on the worlds longest river, The Nile, and the strong currents of water had thrown her and her two friends from the boat. The two were rescued quickly but she was trapped on the lower part of the boat which made it harder for her to be rescued. In the moment she said that she thought about her daughter and decided to give in to the strong current which led her to rise up and get shot on the surface of the river. 

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